S90v Vs M390 S90v Vs M390It is lighter, with a smoother action and a slightly longer blade. (In my opinion, the Tormek diamond wheels are also designed primarily for turners. No real reason why, although it might be easier to spot since it's got a. S90V held a surprisingly good edge, even the razor edge stayed, very uncharacteristic of of S__V steels in my. The closest characteristics of our Steel are in the CPM S90V, S110V VS M390. As a hard steel, S30V holds its edge very. It's been VERY noticeable for me in NORMAL kitchen use between S90V and S110V, that's S90V at 60 HRC and S110V at 65 HRC, both knives are. CPM S30V, while easier to sharpen, might need frequent maintenance for optimal performance. 5" M390 Blade Carbon Fiber And Bronze Anodized Titanium Handle Tactical Survival Pocket Knife. Generally speaking, harder knife blades will hold their edge longer than softer ones. My benchmade m390 blades will be getting a ffg and retreatment to 62 :thumbup: Either way you can't …. HAP40/SUS410 steel toughness is better than most stainless steel out there like BD1N stainless steel, M390, and CPM S45VN Steel. S30V Steel VS S90V Steel: Explained Chemical Compositions!. I am regularly surprised at I it’s edge retention. If stainless is not important or if you take care of your blade try the k390. Best wheel for Ultra Premium (S110V, S90v, M390, etc). It can withstand rigorous use without chipping or breaking. Chemical Composition Hardness Corrosion Resistance Wear Resistance Edge Retention Toughness Sharpening Comparison of S90V and M390 Knives Hardness Toughness Corrosion Resistance Edge retention Ease of Sharpening. Is M390 Steel A Good Steel?. And it’s a popular choice due to its hardness, which is 57-59 HRC on the …. Comparison with Other Knife Steels. Its high austenizing temperature imparts M390 with a high attainable hardness of RC 58-62. ) The two most common CBN grits are 80 and 180. A moderate concentration of Manganese, Molybdenum, Silicon, Tungsten, Sulfur, and Phosphorous makes the steel super strong, durable, and wear-resistant. M390 is premium steel, while Nitro-V belongs to the high-end category. The thread seems to point towards M390 being a superior steel as well easier to sharpen compared to the S90V. S90V seems obviously superior to S30V but I am not sure specifically in which regard. The pitting potential was better for S110V with 403 mV vs 160 mV (higher is better). S35VN Vs S30V: Which Is Better?. I like it slightly better than the …. Albatross Member Posts: 890 Joined: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:13 pm. You can already tell that M390 is better than Nitro-V stainless steel. 30 Best Knife Steel You Should Know About. M390 Vs S30V: Which Is Better?. They also offer a series of Crucible and standard grades like D2, A2, O1, CPM-154, and S30V. Regarding hardness, Sleipner steel is generally considered harder than M390 steel, with a typical hardness range of 62-64 HRC …. Both AEB-l steel and Bohler M390 steel are stainless steel with over 13% chromium in their composition, however, M390 steel is a premium steel with about 20% chromium elements in its composition. CPM 154 Toughness: CPM 154 offers good Hardness, good corrosion resistance, therefore it will have a decent toughness (You can’t get. Shilajit is one of -shilajit/#more-2110" aria-label="More on The Ultimate Secret to Boosting Your Health: A Comprehensive Review of Natural Shilajit">Read more . Major competitor for the best and most balanced knife steel of all time is M390/20CV/204P, so it will serve as my primary competitor in this comparison. Personally, I like the balance that M390 represents, but the market is always looking for. So in theory if M390 will be heat treated by Buck it may performs better, but. It’s tougher than the stainless steels like S30V, M390. S90V and M390 both offer excellent performance in terms of corrosion resistance. Maxamet, M390 or S110v, any real use in everyday or camp chores?. So the steel will eventually have full availability through steel suppliers and to knife companies. However, Cruwear knives are cheaper than M390 knives. N690 Steel vs VG10 Steel: Basics You Must Know!. M390 is generally not used as hardened as 10V/K390 typically Rc61-62 edge retention is good, but not in the same level as K390. S30V has higher carbon content at 1. It seems to be run at a higher hardness than the m390/204p. That’s because, in the Rockwell Hardness scale, S90V steel has a hardness of 57-59HRC that can be boosted to 66HRC. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Bolster Member Posts: 4725 Joined: Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:27 pm Location: CalyFRNia. M390 has better edge retention than K390, but K390 retains its edge much longer when subjected to rugged use and abuse. Re: M390 vs S90V Post by shunsui » Thu Oct 13, 2022 2:25 am If you already have the S90V CF version and you don't carry it, I don't think M390 would make any difference. This carbon content gives it higher Rockwell hardness and wear resistance while …. 1075 vs 1095 Steel | An in-depth comparison. Anyway, a store nearby stocks S90V-bladed Benchmades and I was curious if any of you have experience between the two and which do you prefer for everyday, simple cuts. Both M390 and CPM 3V steel offer exceptional wear resistance, making them good choices for use in most knives. 95: Spyderco Plain Edge Composite CPM-154/S90V Carbon Fiber Manix 2 : $399. CPM S90V has higher Carbon and Vanadium content, leading to superior edge retention but making it harder to sharpen. This gives S90V better edge retention than M390. D2 Steel: Is it a Good Knife Steel?. In this section, we will compare CPM 20CV with other popular knife steels such as M390, S30V, S35VN, S90V, and CTS-204P. As stated above the M390 has a lot of wear resistance. Both the steel are best in terms of wear/tear resistance, toughness, and edge retention but M390 is way better in most of the parameters. It is more chippy than M390 as well. Both 20CV steel and Bohler m390 steel are super steels produced following the powder metallurgy, and most of their properties are similar. bearfacedkiller Member Posts: 11356. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; skeeg11 Member Posts: 1205 Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:45 am. My impression is that it is similar to 440C. As a result, Cruwear steel is harder, tougher, and easy to sharpen. 1095 offers a level of toughness that most stainless steels simply aren't physically capable of. If you are looking for a tough, durable, and easy-to-maintain knife, then the M390 is the way to go. 5%) and less volume of the more effective Vanadium carbide (2. If both are heat treated well, Cruwear should outperform M390, but not by much. S35VN M390; EDGE RETENTION: 6/10: 8/10: EASE OF SHARPNESS: 6/10: 5/10: CORROSION RESISTANCE: 7/10: 8/10: TOUGHNESS:. Top 3 steels I want more of: M390 class, A11 class (including K390), CPM REX45. Sharpening S30V and Similar Super Steel Knife Blades. 5 Best Knife Steels in 2023 (Steel Charts & Guide by a Marine). The addition of niobium also helps with corrosion resistance. But it takes a very keen edge like m390. M390 is more wear resistant at the same hardness, but m4 is usually heat treated to higher hardness, so might be a wash or at least very close. M390 is like a step up from S30V, takes slightly more strokes to sharpen but it also stays sharp longer. However, it was not commonly used in knives until after the release of any of those products. M390; Above-Average Premium Steels. However, S90V beats its counterpart in toughness. Catra knives edge retention testing, M390 and S30V. Medford Praetorian Genesis T Drop Point - PVD S90V - Flamed & Bronze - Bronze Hardware -…. I wouldn't claim anything conclusive about S90V without actual data, but the S110V data does suggest that toughness-wise, it should be in the ballpark of 20CV. M390 knives: Which Is Better? Best Angle to Sharpen a Knife (Sharpening Angle Guide) Categories. Isn’t this video I do a toughness test on three different Spyderco’s with k390, cruwear, and S110V. While s45 has more corrosion resistance, and in my experience is easier to sharpen. Benchmade’s 581 Barrage is an affordable example of M390 performing at its best. CPM M4 Review: What to Expect. The characteristics of the blades differ in terms of … See more. Maxace Balance MB101 Folding Knife Gray Titanium Handle M390 Plain Edge Satin Finish MB101. S110V is essentially a modified version of S90V or S125V designed for improved corrosion resistance when compared with those steels. 14C28N will hold a razor edge longer than S30V. However, if given the option, I personally prefer 20cv, M390, K390, or dlc coated M4 over S90. CPM CruWear Steel: Composition, Properties, And Comparison. However, M390 is slightly harder than S30V and has a higher resistance to chipping. Heat Treatment: Austenitize 1950°F (1065°C). Neither one holds an edge as long as s90v, but you really ought to have diamond stones for resharpening that! The only complaints about M390 have been the Ritter Grips. 30 D2 steel drop point Elmax G10 grivory H1 H2 LC200N M390 MagnaCut MC66 Micarta n690 Nitro-V pocket knife Rex 45 rex 121 s30v …. CPM 15V Vs 10V and sources. It takes the knife makers sophisticated tools. Pros Cons How To Choose Between The S90V And The M390 Intention For Knife Usage Price What Makes a Good Quality Knife? Final Thoughts S90V and M390 are premium steels, but M390 makes better high-end knives because it wins in toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. K390 does have a significant advantage in toughness over the popular M390/20CV/204P stainless steel, so K390 has both better toughness and edge retention, though of course with much worse corrosion resistance. January 30, 2023 April 11, 2022 by Adam. The S30V is softer than the M390. Steels S30V and S90V are both incredibly strong. ELMAX M390; EDGE RETENTION: 8/10: 8/10: EASE OF SHARPNESS: 5/10: 5/10: CORROSION RESISTANCE: 8/10: 8/10: TOUGHNESS: 6/10: 6/10: Both Elmax and M390 are close in terms of edge retention, corrosion resistance and toughness, and they’re both not easy to sharpen. Edge retention: M390 steel is often considered one of the best knife steels for edge retention. M390 was one of the earliest powder metallurgy stainless tool steels, coming after S60V but before SG2, Elmax, S90V, ZDP-189, or S30V. Perhaps B-U's 3rd generation micro …. However, M4 is easier to sharpen and holds an edge for longer than D2 steel. You might also consider Elmax, which, like M390, is a 3rd generation powder steel. M390 Steel – History and Properties (and 20CV and 204P). For thin blades higher toughness is actually preferable imo. M390 appears to be the hot steel these days for folders, with people seeming to like it for its relatively high edge retention along with good ease in sharpening for that level of edge retention. However, M390 stainless steel has an additional advantage in that it also has better edge retention than CPM 3V steel. Magnacut, on the other hand, has a fantastic balance of toughness, hardness, and edge retention. This means you don't have to sharpen your knife as often. M390 is a highly tough steel that can bear beating, twisting, and blending very well. M390 steel is known for its excellent edge retention, which has been confirmed through various tests such as …. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; skeeg11 Member Posts: 1221 Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:45 am. I like both but I'd choose K390 over M390 in a custom. Is CPM 20CV a Good Knife Steel? Composition & Analysis. S90v Vs M390:Differences & Similarities. Comparison Points Maxamet M390; Composite Materials: 13. S90V and M390 are the perfect choices for high-end knife crating due to their composition, structure, and properties. Spyderco Sprint Runs and Spyderco Exclusives. Post by Bolster » Thu Oct 13, 2022 11:30 pm. 2%, with a corresponding increase in carbon to maintain the same level of hardness after heat treatment. CPM S90V is a super steel and a good choice of steel for knife making. In terms of toughness, the M390 steel has better toughness than the S90V steel. While in theory both edges taper to zero with the removal of steel due to wear the edge of the S90V blade becomes duller with same amount of material removed. Cruwear Vs M390: Which Steel Is Better?. Elmax is pretty stainless too, and Spyderco uses that. M390, CPM-20CV and CTS-204P are the same steel made by different companies. IMO, S90V is the best EDC stainless steel on the market. What is S90V Steel: The Premium Choice for High. What stainless is most similar to k390?. S30V D2 (original) S90V solid S90V composite M390 204P XHP 20CV 35VN I haven't kept up with the values all that much and I was doing a quick counting in my head, (and BTW I realize now that it is NINE knives total) There is 1 that is $100+, two that are +/- $200, 5 that are going to be $250-300 each, and the last one that is easily $500+. Commonly used steels are: Bohler-M390,S35VN, S30V, S90V, VG10, RWL34, and Damascus. CPM-S90V (Edge Retention) : See CPM-S90V knives CPM-S35VN (Value) : See CPM-S35VN knives 14C28N (Budget) : See 14C28N knives The five key properties of knife steel Ultimately, the different types of steel used in knife blades each exhibit varying degrees of these five key properties: Hardness. Knife Steel">CPM MagnaCut – The Next Breakthrough in Knife Steel. It’s a very hard steel and is exceptionally difficult to sharpen. K110 vs D2 (k110 steel K110 vs M390. I sold it and haven't had a knife that could hold …. I personally want something that will have a nice ratio when it comes to « edge retention vs ease of sharpening », but the main thing for me. Overall, both M390 and S30V knives are great options, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and what type of knife you need. Both S90V and M390 are considered premium steel. Doing a head to head cut test using 2 different Paramilitary 2 knives. S110V and M390 are very stainless while Maxamet is not, so it depends on your use, climate, environment etc whether Maxamet will give you issues. S30v Steel: Which is “Better”? Edge Retention – S90v. S45VN Vs S35VN: Which Is Better?. S90V is really not a great steel IMO. s35vn steel is a lot tougher compared to s90v steel. Тест по мне так показателен не на все стонадо делать норм заточку и смотреть а не как топор. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Bolster Member Posts: 3649 Joined: Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:27 pm Location: CalyFRNia. A favorite of high-end pocket knives, this stainless steel is built to hold an edge, but is a bit of a challenge to sharpen. A steel alloy requires a minimum 10. S30V was designed around the year 2000 to try to be well-rounded in every category, but then when they developed S90V they managed. It has enough toughness and enough corrosion resistance to make it a well …. For something well rounded you could go magnacut or S30/S35/S45. But CPM S90V goes above the CPM …. What is the Best Budget Knife Steel?. Take a bite out of the bottom of those Vs. CPM-S90V: A precursor to CPM-S30V, CPM-S90V was developed by Crucible in 1996 while attempting to create a new high-wear-resistance stainless steel tougher than similar steels like M390 and CPM-20CV. Also, they hold poor corrosion resistance features. This product is not Quick view. Is CPM M4 steel good knife steel?. Despite its similarities to S90V, M390 has better overall toughness and ease of sharpening. Fairly similar edge retention, but M390 has poor (although not the worst) toughness and excellent corrosion resistance and M4 has excellent toughness and poor corrosion resistance. Elmax even though highly wear-resistant is a bit easier to sharpen. com/THFishingInstagram: https://www. The M390 steel has 20% chromium and 4% vanadium. And I included some discussion on how it compares to other steels in its general category including S110V, …. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; skeeg11 Member Posts: 1407 Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:45 am. CATRA testing has shown that S30v has an impressive ability to hold its edge, in relation to other similarly formulated knife steels. Specification S45VN Steel S35VN Steel; 1095 52100 AEB-L ApexUltra ATS 34 blue steel Chef knife CPM 3V CPM 4V CPM 10V CPM 154 CROMOVA Cronidur 30 D2 steel Elmax G10 H1 H2 LC200N M390 MagnaCut Maxamet MC66 Micarta n690 Nitro-V pocket knife Rex 45 rex 121 s30v S35VN S45VN …. It seems to get toothier as the edge apex widens, so it cuts aggressively even as it dulls. S30V vs M390 – Complete Comparison Hardness. S90V is expensive, hard to sharpen, and retains an edge. Towards the end of the thread, people started comparing S90V to 154CM and quite a few people liked the 154CM for hard use as well. The Ultimate Guide to Knife Steel. Disziplin Böhler M390 CPM S90V; Schnitthaltigkeit: 8/10: 8/10: Einfachheit des Schärfens: 5/10: 5/10: Korrosionsbeständigkeit: 8/10: 7/10: Zähigkeit: 6/10: 2/10: CPM S90V bietet im Vergleich zum Böhler M390 die gleichen bzw. S60V has yet higher edge retention and probably is not much more difficult to sharpen. I like the way S90V gets dull, if that makes sense. Regardless, the 50 CATRA cuts isn’t scoff-worthy when Larrin’s own data shows s90v only 17 more cuts over optimally heat treated M390. 5%) chromium carbides and (4%) Vanadium Carbides. Both M390 and S90V are considered premium steels and are typically found in higher-end knives. As much as Vanax beats M390 in edge retention, you should note that M390 is no slouch and offers among the best edge retention in steel out there. Testing of S30V, S35VN, S90V, M390, XHP, 204P, 20CV in …. It is in a similar category to CPM-10V and Vanadis 8. So, as S35VN has more carbon in its structure than N690, its hardness is more than N690. When I sharpened S90V it seemed to perform better with a toothier (300-400 grit) edge than M390 at the same grit. It is true that the S90V steel knife will retain its edge better than the M390 steel knife, but this is not meant as a slight. S35VN is a premium steel and M390 is considered a super steel. N690 Steel: Is N690 A Good Blade Steel?. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; skeeg11 Member Posts: 1227 Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:45 am. be/vVLEcPbu4vQ-----Мой ВК: https:. Joined Dec 13, 2012 Messages 2,229. S30V, VG10, M4, XHP, BD1, Cruwear, Elmax, Maxamet, 204P, H1, K390, A11, Rex45, LC200N, M390, 20CV, BD1N, S45VN waiting to afford MagnaCut. It’s more wear-resistant than the tough steels like 5160, A2. Edge retention is a vital factor to consider when choosing a knife steel. We have tested S90V and S125V toughness with our standard test using 1/4 size unnotched charpy specimens. For lighter use EDC I like M390, S90V, or S110V. S90v is more difficult to get a mirror edge on than m390 which seems to accept polishing very well. There are very few folders with 3V (Spyderco Tuff is the only one I can think of), and I have never seen a. S90V knives are preferable, although S30V works too. S90V or M390? My EDC is an M390 blade and it has held up very well. Elmax knives are easier to sharpen than M390 knives, this is due to the high wear resistance of M390 steel which makes it hard to sharpen when the need arises. The N680 is considered the brother of M390 steel, as both come from Bohler. These values are about in line with expectation, as Bohler-Uddeholm attempts to restrict their oxygen content to below 0. Bohler M390 stainless steel contains about 18% chromium elements in its alloy composition which gives it excellent stainless properties. S90v has some huge changes in its chemical composition if we compare it with S30v. Both knife steel have inherent brittleness which is par for the course with hard steel but the Rockwell hardness rating of 60 - 62 for M390 steel makes it slightly harder than S90V. M390 is also close to M4 performance-wise. It holds a working edge pretty much forever, and seems to respond …. M4 S30V; EDGE RETENTION: 8/10: 5/10: EASE OF SHARPNESS: 3/10: 5/10: CORROSION RESISTANCE: 3/10: 7/10: TOUGHNESS: 6/10:. CPM D2 steel is produced by Crucible industries while M390 is produced by Bohler. Final thoughts on M390 vs S45VN. At least you’re not dealing with the CPM S90V or the CPM S110V. M390 steel is a powder metallurgy steel similar to CPM steels Crucible manufactures, such as S90V. Is S390 Steel Better Than K390 Steel. CPM vs Conventionally Produced Steel (Source Crucible Industries Datasheet) CPM S45VN is a lot easier to grind than CPM S90V and simpler than CPM S30V. Ats314 steel vs 440c | An in-depth comparison. Military steel choice52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately …. For me, s110v is _extremely_ stainless (more so than s90v, m390 (et al), or s30v). M390 and M4 have both same edge retention and toughness, the difference is M390 is better in corrosion resistance and a bit easy to sharpen compared to the M4. M390 steel offers better toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. S35VN is cheaper and easier to sharpen, but its edge doesn’t last as long. But, there is not a great difference between them as N690 has 55-60 hardness on the Rockwell hardness scale while S35VN has 58-61 HRC. Re: S30v, s90v and s110v destruction test results. #1 I'm considering the Benchmade 810-1401 Contego with a M390 blade or the Spyderco Manix2 XL in S90V for my next knife purchase; however, I have no experience with S90V. MagnaCut Knife Steel: The Complete Guide. Hardness greatly influences the edge retention and wear resistance of knife steel. The green CTS-204P (same steel from a different company) PM2 went for $140 first run (plus $8 shipping) and $150 shipped …. CPM S90V Steel: Is it a Good Knife Steel?. New Steel – Crucible S45VN. Elmax Steel Composition & Review. Sleipner Steel vs M390 Steel: A Comparative Analysis. Mstach07 Member Posts: 126 Joined: Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:25 pm. N690, CPR, Cromax, Elmax, M390, M398, S90V. M390 is better in edge retention, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, while Elmax offers better toughness. 52 posts 1; 2; 3; Next; FeistyKat Member Posts: 148 Joined: Sun May 03, 2020 6:45 am Location: inSane Diego. For example, S90V has a pretty shitty 3/10 in toughness and the summary says "This blade steel exhibits good toughness, but it does not meet the level of M390. The closest steel to our K390 would be the S90V Stainless Steel, in exception for corrosion resistance (S90V offers a better corrosion resistance compared to the K390), they both offer great edge retention and hardness due to 9% of Vanadium in both steel, Same for the wear resistance, and they both fall in the same price range of high-end steel. S90V is very popular in the knife making industry for making high-end knives. One of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing CPM-S110V steel is the Spyderco Military. SHIROGOROV KNIVES / WR BLADEWORKS “HYDRONIAN” NEON – M390 BLADE – TITANIUM HANDLE – MRBS M390 BLADE – STONEWASHED TITANIUM HANDLE W/ “WHITE STORM” CARBON …. Like many Benchmade favorties it comes with the excellent Axis Lock and left or right hand tip up carry. Both steels offering the same level of edge retention and toughness. M390 Steel (Quick Look) M390 steel is a type of stainless steel used in knives. M390 is effectively identical to CPM 20CV and CTS 204P, and of those three, is most often used on internationally manufactured knives. M390 vs S30v: How Do They Differ & What’s Best for You?. ATS-55, produced by Hitachi Metals. As we saw in the 20cv chemistry, this steel contains a high percentage of vanadium which results in a fine grain structure to help it holds its edge better. Elmax is very similar to M390, CPM 20CV, and CTS 204P, but has somewhat lower Vanadium content, and lacks any Tungsten content. CPM S90V steel offers better edge retention than S35VN. It is the reason that steel is so popular. XHP started out as a combination of 440C and D2, an effort to combine the high hardness of D2 with the high corrosion resistance of 440C. bps adventurer and hk5 the sharpest out of the box knives I've bought they are well made and comfortable to use. It’s more expensive at about $260 but it’s extremely light weight at 2. Diamond and CBN sharpeners are equalizers - all steels can be sharpened in just a few minutes. New Steel Bohler M398 – The New King of Edge Retention?. I prefer the m390 and the milling on the aluminum is one of the best I've seen from a production knife. So, let’s dive into the details of key …. M390 (same as CPM-20CV and CTS-204P for all practical purposes) might be a bit easier to sharpen than D2. In my experience, XHP is going to hold an edge slightly longer than S30V, while M390 (benchmades heat treat, spyderco's is suppose to be even harder, therefor more edge holding) will be up there with CPM-M4, from Spyderco possibly even S90V, 20CP range. Testing the Edge Retention of 48 Knife Steels. S90V offers better edge retention than S30V because it contains more Carbon and Vanadium in its composition. S30V boasts superior hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance, making it a harder steel that delivers more bang for the buck. What is AEB L Steel? Is it good for knives?. That is to say m390/20cv chip more easily when sharpened the same as s30v. Learnes I'm absolutely in love with M390, and just last week got a knife in S110V (Paramilitary 3). VG10, 154CM, N690CO they all used to be one and the same in. Knife Steels Rated by a Metallurgist. Consider this if you lean towards M390. s90v requires low maintenance and doesn’t require frequent sharpness. What's the point to s90v when we have s110v?. Hey guys, Just searched S90V and an old thread by Vash popped up talking about how he repaired the edge after trashing it on a steel-belted radial. The Benchmade Nakamura is an elegant yet durable S90V folder blade housed in a high-quality carbon fiber handle. Further fast-quench and cold treatment are …. Looking for: Grey Cts-20cp Paramilitary 2 Green Cts-204p Paramilitary 2 S110v Mule Currently own: Tenacious, Green Cts-204P Paramiitary 2. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; skeeg11 Member Posts: 1398 Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:45 am. If you are looking for an all-around knife, consider the varieties of M390 knives as they hold their edge for a long time. Compared to Elmax stainless, M390 has higher chromium (20%), carbon (1. Spyderco Siren Sprint Run Satin S90V Carbon Fiber Back Lock Folder C247CFP. Lam CoS steel is a laminate of CoS special steel (the core) with 420J2 stainless steel on the outer layers to improve its toughness. We'll see how it turns out, magnacut is still very new. M390 is also known for being able to take and hold a wicked sharp edge, which makes it a popular choice for both kitchen and outdoor knives. From my experience, granted only 10 or 15 magnacut vs about 50 s90v I don't think I've found that to be true either. Spyderco Native Chief Sprint Carbon Fiber CPM-S90V Folder C244CF90VP. According to various tests, the hardness of the M390 is much. AEB L is so close to the Swedish steel Sandvik 12c27, they’re both appreciated by knife makers, they have a close chemical composition, and they share the same properties (Edge retention, corrosion resistance, hardness, toughness, wear-resistance, and ease of sharpness), and they fall in the same price range (3x45x250 mm steel bar for 10-12 Usd). It's not an issue with my Edge Pro, but it takes a little longer. S35v is much easier to sharpen than the M390. Check out our selection of DLT Trading exclusive products that feature unique knives and tools from top brands like Benchmade, Spyderco, Rick Hinderer & more!. Both K390 steel and M390 steel are developed by the same company, but M390 steel offers outstanding corrosion resistance and wear resistance compared to K390 steel. If you watched the video up top then you are probably aware of all of the many awesome variations of the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Below is a table showing ratings of S35Vn vs. I already have a video and article about the history and properties of K390, which you can see here. When compared to 52100, a classic high carbon steel, M390 is far more corrosion-resistant and has better edge retention. M390 is tougher knife steel than S125V knife steel. Made by @CRUCIBLE, the S90V Steel is a High-End (Or Premium) martensitic stainless steel to which vanadium and carbon have been added for exceptionally good wear …. That would ELIMINATE all of the premium HARD steels (like M390, S110V, S90V, 20CV, S45VN, etc. As a result, the S30V steel blades are easier to sharpen and offer premium quality service for …. Thanks, Jim, for your time and continuing effort to educate us. In its annealed condition, CPM S45VN is a lot easier to grind than CPM S90V and simpler than CPM S30V. M390 is one of the best premium steels out there. 25% Silicon A nominal amount of iron. Also hailed as the best all-around knife steel is the M390 due to its excellent wear and …. If you have a skinny "V" to begin with, even after removing some steel it will be much thinner than the "V" of our S90v blade. The new technologies in steel produce steel that performs well in all aspects including hardness, toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Both of these steels are expensive, but 20CV is costlier. How Good is CPM S35VN Knife Steel? – KnifeUp. Both S90v and M4 steel have the same degree of retaining edge. RWL34 is comparable to CPM154 in composition and is made by Sweden's Damasteel. It is often compared to other steels due to its balanced properties. I tested edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, heat treatment, and hardness. When it comes to the edge retention, both k390 steel, and s90v steel are about the same. Are Knife Super Steels Worth It?. M390 stands out for its impressive toughness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, making it a robust and versatile option for a range of knife uses. The first notable difference between the two steel types is that MC66 is a product of Hitachi while M390 is a product of Bohler. I'm also waiting for a PM2/Manix in M4, I deeply regret not getting on board with the last run. I wonder if loading the CATRA edge retention tester with a standard fibrous card stock without silica sand material, if the s110v would out perform the s90v or show a different result. M390: Which is Best For You?. The edge took a high polish very easily and it is razor sharp. DLT Trading New Arrivals - https://dlt. So it may have slightly better corrosion resistance than S90V, in a similar range to S30V/S35VN. These two elements greatly help the blades with retaining the edge. Both M390 and Z-Max are high carbide steels however Z-Steel steel is better than M390 steel in hardness and edge retention. It makes a different sound that is recognizable as being a higher hardness after you use the sharpmaker for years. ELMAX has a Rockwell hardness (HRC) of 57-59, slightly lower than M390, but still offering good hardness for …. Joined Nov 28, 1998 Messages 924. With the short answer out of the way, we can look at when you would. Looking to get my first Hogue. While M390 is a wonderful steel, and probably one of my favorites, all things being equal, S110 is going to out last it on edge retention. The result is a steel that helps to dispel the myth that harder steel is better steel. S110V will have more abrasion resistance, real world use in my own experience over a variety of knives. Otherwise, S30V is just as good. Edit: forgot to include Elmax. However, M390 is a tougher, harder, and more corrosion resistant steel. Re: Rex 45 vs K390? Post by Albatross » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:03 am. php?search_query=Night+stalkerChan Adan Instagram: @chanadan https://instagram. And according to ankerson, m390 at a couple points above what bench made runs it at, out performs s90v at 60. I've been thinking I should treat myself to something nice. I think S90V is just a tad too brittle for my liking. Rex45 is a bit tougher than M4 (better for extreme geometry) and has slightly more corrosion resistance (more like a 3). Composition Comparison Graph For The Knife Steels Crucible S90V, Bohler-Uddeholm M390. ru/Q6sfR Zero Tolerance - https. The comparison between m390 vs s90v shows that both of them offer excellent edge retention. 52 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; skeeg11 Member Posts: 1246 Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:45 am. This was my first attempt @ M390. It is affordable steel and easy to work with in terms of forging than M390 steel. For example, N690 has a Rockwell hardness rating of 59-60, while VG-10 has a Rockwell rating of 65-66. For most people the corrosion resistance won't be a problem, it's just that 20CV is excellent vs just good for S90V. But looking at the two knives, their features are very different. S35VN vs S45VN: Comparison Table.