C43 Stage 1 Tune C43 Stage 1 TuneA typical Stage 1 tune comprises of just an ECU remap with no upgrades to hardware. This Tune Pack connects into the Power …. # mercedes # benz # c43 # monstertune. If you don’t already have Stage 1 tune, get stage 2 when you get the downpipe, before cat back exhaust. Kami kedatangan mobil Mercy C43 AMG milik seorang dokter nih. With this next stage in the company's footprint, VR Tuned was proudly launched in January 2014 and continues to grow to this day. 868 views, 4 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Max Tune: 2018 Mercedes C43 AMG SA Tuning Stage 1 Check out the video for the gains on this 3. The Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG sedan is an impressive performance machine, with the twin-turbocharged 3. NOTE 3: You need both cars for the tune to work and you will find the c43 as a setup for the c63s. A cancer diagnosis can leave you unable to comprehend anything else your doctor says, but it’s important to pay attention to what stage of cancer you have. With OE Tuning’s experience tuning Mercedes-Benz vehicles, it was always the plan to develop complete tuning packages for the entire 43AMG line. Is it really 2000 dollars for the cpc and 1250 for the stage one. Got 2 runs in but the second one I had a perfect opportunity to run and just hit GO on the Dragy app. The C43 gets much the same powerplant that's recently been fitted to the AMG SL43 and is, at its core, a 2. se - +66892277756 - Facebook Email or phone. So let's take these stage 1 tuning mods and discuss the effectiveness of each of them. Wij bieden voor de VGSNAG3 9 traps automaat. VRT-121192-1 is the kit that works for the 367 horsepower V6 twin turbo. Through numerous hours of dyno time and testing, we are exciting to release our RV3. Mercedes C250, C300, C43, AMG. 0 mustang So as soon as you get the stage 2. Contact us at 014 3371527 Lee #mercedes #benz #c43 #monstertune. Mercedes Benz W205 C43 Twin Turbo V6. BMW 335d (2007-2008) Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune …. According to Mercedes-AMG, the powerplant is rated at 402 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque (the previous-generation model made. The AMR Performance P2 Performance Package was designed for those looking for more than what the …. 7K views, 19 likes, 0 loves, 2 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Max Tune: Mercedes C43 AMG SA Tuning Stage 1 We take you through. Wir bieten außerdem den Einbau der für das jeweilige Fahrzeug passenden Bauteile wie Turbolader, Rennfilter, Catless kits, Ladeluftkühler, Auspuffanlagen, Felgen, Bodykits sowie …. Stock power: 367 hp / 520 Nmmcchip-dkr Stage 2: 436 hp / 65. We had this stunning C43 AMG Wagon in for Stage 1 software calibration Got to work as usual checking tyres, dif, coolent, oil and fuel quality while running diagnostics on the vehicle while letting everything cool as these run very hot and can soak while sitting very easily. Eurocharged C43 V2 Graphs released! eurocharged June 5, 2020 News & Events. Tune In or Tune Out With the Best Headphones of 2021. 0v6, turbo, biturbo, Mercedes tuning ">Mercedes C43 AMG, 3. The C43 has fundamentally an entirely unique personality to the C63. 30-40 additional Horsepower! Check the box below: Upgrade to Stage 2 + $ 399. A custom Etuners stage 1 file was loaded. BMW 335d (2007-2008) Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (N57) BMW 335d (2009-2013) Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (N57) BMW 4 Series. Mods Recommended: Intake + Catless DP. -BMS Intakes-AWE touring exhaust-Weistic BOV adapters-P3 digital boost gauge+moreSubscribe for me. Stage 1 tuning files are designed on a vehicle with stock hardware and no aftermarket parts at all. • #EXOperformance #EXOarmy #oedzn #Mercedes #MercedesBenz #C43 #C43AMG …. A fixed time is set in the database, which is converted according to the user's time zone with the help of the time zone cookie. Decat downpipe Custom Dyno Tune Switchable burble on decel in sport+ only With the mods untuned best result of 234. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). For example, if I go into a 2017 C43 I lose virtual cockpit, my old DSG Transmission, Android Auto, my 0-60 becomes slower, and I lose the peppy low RPM-friendly engine due to it being a 4cyl. Another movie from our C43Geïnteresseerd in een stage 1,2 of 3 chiptuning? Neem contact met ons op!Website: https://www. Eventually, a stage one tune can pay for itself with the modest improvement in mileage - presuming the urge to 'open it up' is generally avoided. After a the Stage 1 93 octane tune, a Euro short throw shifter, and a Southbend Stage 2 clutch, I went 14. 4K views 1 year ago This is the stage 1 tune in the 2021 C43 AMG 60hp and 80 ft toque plus the burbles Contact. well it's frustrating because people tend to not search the transmissions break down most c43's with over 50k miles probably have either a rebuilt or a new transmission. MWM hand-held module for Mercedes C43 AMG w205. 95 Add to cart; Jaguar/Land Rover AJ133 & AJ126 2013-on Datalogging Software + Cable. Tuning: 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG – AMR Performance Reviews amr performance c43 Customer: German Power Plot: Modifications: AMR Performance (www. Yeah, with an AMR stage 1 tune stacked with a JB4 and air filters. Tuning, ECU Tune, Performance Upgrades, BMW ">Performance Tuning, ECU Tune, Performance Upgrades, BMW. 0-liter V-6- Bigger turbos make 16 psi of boost- 23 more horsepower, up to 390 hp total- Torque static at 384 pound-feet- 0 to 60 mph in less than. Are you a tennis enthusiast who can’t get enough of the thrilling action on the court? Do you find yourself eagerly waiting for the next big match, hoping to catch every serve, volley, and smash? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that watc. I have a stage 1 from AMR on my '19 GLC43 (no cpc tune). c43 ecu tune review Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG – Stage-1 & Stage-2 ECU Tunes Dyno Tested. The download not only alters the AFR, it raises the rev limiter and adjusts timing to compensate for richer fuel mix. 0L V6 providing 362 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque. I once had a tune on a Cadillac, and it washorrible, so I know it can be done wrong, too. Mercedes C43 Monster Tuned (Stage 1) for an extra 71WHP & 157NM (94HP & 209NM est. 0 mustang So as soon as you get the stage 2 you will slap a lot of people. ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned? KEY FEATURES: Factory Power 320whp and 350wtq. 2hp & 499nm of torque 🟢DC - 419. Alpine Motorsport, the experts in Mercedes tuning. 18' Mercedes C43 in for a Stage 1 Remap, 361bhp > 420bhp gaining +51lbft of torque 💨 ️. 3 Turbo Upgrade, Mercedes M276 at Weistec Please contact …. Same car tested on the same Mainline 4×4 dyno, running CA91 premium pump gas. Gains of +119bhp and +174nm!! For all enquiries, contact us; Mobile 07889628971. Even though most stage 1 tunes don’t require mods there are still some good mods to couple …. Stage 2 C43 AMG Sedan (@jefferyc43 on IG)-----Mods:EC ECU/TCU Tune,Downpipes and Intakes,HPFP w/ E40 mix,WMI (for cooling). Upgraded from stage 1 to stage 2 and WOW the performance is incredible. I'm hearing around the 670whp on the Stage 2, I have seen one pushing them to I believe it was 710whp. Joined Nov 1, 2008 Messages 18,386 Location Bournemouth/Poole Dorset Car W210 E280 x2, w211 E55, W212 E63 biturbo, S204 C180K. BMW 335i (2007-2011) Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (N54) BMW 335i (2011-2013) Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (N55) BMW 335d. Overall, its a more dynamic approach to tuning your 103. Our Mercedes-Benz performance chips and Mercedes-Benz remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car's performance and improve your MPG!. 2023 AMG C43 Gets The Wagon Treatment In Europe Where Long Roofs Still Matter. Quote: Steve Dinan and the team at CarBahn have been hard at work developing new software and hardware for different platforms, most recently flash …. Stage 2 +85HP +110TQ How It's Done: Step 1: We ship you a My Genius handheld device that allows you to control the tuning process of your Mercedes. Mercedes C43 AMG Estate Stage 1 Tune with Dyno!!!. But if commuting to work, then I’d much rather have the 63 as a daily to have fun with on the highway. 00 Select options; Jaguar Land Rover Supercharger Drive Belt Long $ 80. Reprogrammation and optimization intake and exhaust. All vehicle safety parameters remain untouched and …. Thoughts on 340i vs c43amg vs s3 : r/F30. Constructed of low carbon 304 Stainless Steel. Mercedes C43 AMG in for ATM Stage 1 off the shelf tune and burbles added. By optimising the torque curve the C C350 e Hybrid 279hp engine produces more torque at lower RPM. The JB1 Stage 1 is a true user adjustable plug and play solution for all MQB based models in the VW Audi Group range. @garrett_turbo we appreciate you choosing us!. Thinking about tuning my 2020 c43 AMG, probably going to euro tune it to stage 1 with a cold air intake. #mercedesbenz #mercedes #benz #glc #glc43 #c43 #monstertune. The 2021 C43 sedan was about $13,000 more expensive than an AWD C300 sedan. Vehicle: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Customer: Adam Werner Modifications: AMR Performance COMPORT COMPORT tune selected: Stage 1 tune (Comparison: A stock 2019 MB C63S AMG makes 503hp and goes 11. Email address: Name: Car model: OK. What are the benefits of engine stage 1 tuning? Is it possible to improve the engine’s performance without resorting to physical changes? If your answer is yes, it. BMS Pedal Tuner - Adjustable throttle response. Stock: 512 Hp & 683 NmStage 1: 591 Hp & 860 Nm Stage 2: 615 HP & 890 Nm**Note: Downpipes are requires for stage 2 applications** Stage 2 remapping is designed to work with a set of catted or non catted downpipes. If you're into the credit card rewards game, you want use a card that maximizes those rewards, depending on your lifestyle. Mercedes C43 AMG 4Matic Stage 1 Tune!!!. TCU + CPC Software Upgrade (1) AMR Performance - MERCEDES BENZ C43 Tuning | C43 Tuning | W205 Tuning. COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE [MB C43 W205] John lee kudla. C43 AMG Pre Face Lift model came in for 7Mod GmbH Custom Dyno Tuning. Tune is loaded through the OBD port of the car! Description: Performance tuning for your Mercedes gives it a more efficient and effective ECU mapping which favors power delivery over comfort. 3hp and & 105nm of torque Full heath check carried out as normal. Eurocharged ECU Tuning for your vehicle will unleash new power and a whole new driving experience. Haven't seen any dynos of BM3 stage 1 yet, but I think 50whp and 60wtq is a reasonable guess. AMG C43 in for its power up of 40kw/100nm thanks to our @evolvetechnik stage 1 ECU tune. Pops and bangs, flames, yeah this is one crazy Mercedes!Geïnteresseerd in een stage 1,2 of 3 chiptuning? Neem contact met ons op!Website: https://www. Engine Remap for Mercedes C-Class (C43 AMG 361 bhp, 2016-now) MAP2279 MAP2279. The Eurocharged engineers and calibrators create custom reprogramming of the engine control unit. Mercedes C43 AMG Stage 1 Tuning OEM - 390bhp and 520nmREAL - 388bhp and 513nmStage 1 431bhp and 622nm www. We flashed the car back to a stock map, collected d. First Name Heisenburg Joined Apr 15, 2018 Threads 93 Messages 1,982 Reaction score 1,210 Location South East Florida Vehicle(s). 1 add-on Octane: 93 Octane + E30 Mix. The problem arises from the fact that I’ve crawled through all the mb forums and it looks like the 2020+ models require a cpc module tune which costs like $3k and yet it hardly gains around 40hp max 😰. Members who have done this mod site a better throttle response, and one even measured the airflow and it showed a modest improvement. UPDATED: The OFFICIAL MBWorld. Car seat and stroller both fit well with no issues. Carburetors are still the equipment of choice for modified racing vehicles because of the ease and economy of modifying their performance capabilities. Mercedes AMG c43 in for stage 1 tune. Topics; Looking to get a JB4 to piggy back off Eurocharged Stage 1 tune by juicedgr95. GLC63s, GLC63, GLC43 AMG SUV and Coupe (X253, C253) - M177 Engine - Stage 1 Tune on 91 - Worth it? - I'm considering a RENNtech ECU+ Upgrade setup for 91 octane. Mileage goes 67 to “—-“ after starting. Swipe left ⏮ 👈 @speedworld_baldwin # mercedes # c43amg # ecctuning # bmsintakes # stage1 # stage2 # customtune # ⏮ 👈 @speedworld_baldwin # mercedes # c43amg # ecctuning # bmsintakes # stage1 # stage2 # customtune #. I second the rear sway bar and end links, or at least rear sway. Let us review M113 tuning and point out the premier modifications. Congratulations to Karim for going a new best of 11. Real nice guy, he has the top tier AMR tune and supporting mods. JB4 (no BCM) on 91 octane testing was 380whp/412whp on map2. Love the feel of a lil oversteer and no understeer on the AWD. 0 liter met 2 Turbo’s zal menig man verbaasd laten staan! Heerlijke bak met 9 versnellingen !. Depending on the service you need, the price for a tune-up vari. 235 views, 1 likes, 1 loves, 1 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from DC Remapping UK - 2WD & 4WD Dyno Tuning: Mercedes AMG C43- In For Our Stage 1 Custom Tuning On Our 4WD Linked Dyno Mercedes AMG C43- In For Our Stage 1 Custom Tuning On Our 4WD Linked Dyno ☑️Stock 364. It made 486/497 consistently over three runs. Stage 1 ECU Software - Mercedes Benz W205 C43 AMG quantity. What is engine stage 1 tuning software upgrade?. Mercedes Benz AMG M139 ECU Tune A45 CLA45 GLA45. Chip tuning from RaceChip for your Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W/S205) (2013 - 2021). Vehicle: 2014 Focus ST at 650 miles odometer reading Modifications: FSWerks Standard CAI …. Weistec's Calibration Department has spent months perfecting the ECU Calibration for the M139 in order to offer you unlocked potential to your already potent 2. Our ECU remaps optimises your vehicle providing better fuel economy. The all-wheel-drive 2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 achieves 19 miles per gallon city, 27 mpg highway, and 22 mpg combined on premium fuel, according to the Environmental Protection. In the digital age, technology has made it easier than ever to access a wide variety of media. I went stage 1 with EuroCharged on my 17 C43 coupe, been running it for two years without issues. C43 in for our stage 1 ECU! Output of 389 WHP & 442 WTQ on 94 octane and only a stage 1 software! #mercedesbenz #c43 #amg #m276 #ecctuned #tuning #benzamg #benztuning #fyp #instagood #canada. Vehicle Application: 2017+ Mercedes Benz C43 AMG Octane (s) Available: 91 Octane | 93 Octane 91 Oc. Tuning: 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG - AMR Performance Reviews amr performance c43 Customer: German Power Plot: Modifications: AMR Performance (www. Customers bringing their car to us in Utah are limited to 91 octane at the pump, but those in other areas of the country where 93 octane pump gas is available will see even. Mercedes Benz W205 C43 Twin Turbo V6 Stage 2. 0T for 280hp, 293hp and 300hp">Group 1: VW EA888 MQB Gen3 2. Are you a podcast enthusiast who loves to listen to your favorite shows on the go? With the increasing popularity of podcasts, it’s essential to have a reliable and convenient way to download and listen to them whenever and wherever you wan. 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 Revealed With Turbo 2. WHAT IS STAGE 1 TUNING? For, let’s say, more moderate changes, opt for Stage 1 ECU remap. SL/R231 Tuning with OBD Module?. 8TSI EA888 Gen3 MQB 2015+ ECU Tune Stage 1 - Stage 3. BMS Stage 1 BMW Performance Tuner This plug and play BMW tuner attaches to two easy to access sensors in the engine bay and works with your factory DME tuning to remap your boost, timing, and fueling for optimal performance and reduced turbo lag. Mercedes Benz AMG ECU tuning, calibration, and performance experts. Where things can get a bit confusing is that what each “stage” means can vary from car to car, and even from tuner to tuner. OEM - 577bhp and 750nm Real - 576bhp and 785nm 📉 Stage 1 - 655bhp and 925nm 📈 Mercedes Vehicle Tuning Service This brand has a wonderful reputation for reliable and enjoyable vehicles all around the world, so it is only right we at GAD Tuning ensure our remapping is of a similarly tremendous standard. The Mercedes Benz C43 AMG ECU tune from Gintani includes reprogrammed torque management parameters, smoother engine operations, reprogrammed throttle and response. The stage 2 actually includes a number of different upgrades which help us tailor your tuning according to what you want. The 3-liter six-cylinder offers a serial output of 390 hp and 520 Nm of torque. What is a JB4? The JB4 is a plug and play tune available for turbocharged vehicles. Mechanics provide different services during a tune-up. Not sure if they have a tune for C43 but worth enquiring Reply Like. With the car 100% stock I managed a 14. front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan. 0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine gets the designation M139L (with the L meaning longitudinal) and outputs a very healthy 402 horsepower at 6,750 rpm and 369 pound-feet of. More horsepower, more torque, and a more exhilarating driving experience by delivering usable power through improved throttle response and torque management. Mods Required: None* It’s fair to say stage 1 tuning is the most common option. C43 AMG Stage1 ECU Tune Dyno Tested – OE Tuning Blog. I use the very best oil I can buy here in oz it’s Penrite 10/tenths 0w/40 racing oil. Stage 1; Stage 2; Stage 3; Software. Alleen door middel van deze werkwijze komt een betrouwbare Mercedes-Benz chiptuning met het beste resultaat tot stand. I read that burble tune gets rid of up shift bangs from car. my mate got his GLC43 tuned at BMR Autowerkes in Sydney and the gains were solid, I think 45kw at all four wheels I'll get him to confirm and post a dyno …. Mercedes C43 AMG 4Matic Stage 1 Tune!!!Dyno time included Gaining +52bhp and +106nmwww. Modifications: AMR Performance COMPORT. I have a revo stage 1 tune which claims to make upwards of 333 bhp with the correct fuel (which I run) and good engine health. Power Plot: Modifications: AMR Performance (www. c43 tuning – OE Tuning Blog. Equipped with the MB +4-Matic system and a 3. What is a Stage 2 Remap? DKU Performance Blog. 246 views, 2 likes, 3 loves, 0 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Vag Tuning SA: Mercedes-Benz C43 Downpiped ️ Midpipes ️ Stage 1. Eurocharged claims a number figure of 480hp to the crank but I’ve seen forums where people said they did a pre-post dyno run after the. C43 AMG Edition 1 Stage 2 (480 hp, 680Nm) performance vs. Here are the good and bad points to have stood out: 1. DMS Automotive have been unleashing automotive performance for over 25 years. Of course, now that I'm just about out of warranty (100k), I'd like a mild Stage One on the C43. Audi S5 V6 Supercharged - Stage One ECU Tune. C43 AMG pop and bang burble tune. B-Tuning bearbeitete Serien Abgasanlage C43 AMG Stage 1. RaceIQ m156 stage 1 tuning software. STAGE 1 TUNE C43 AMG (POPS AND BANGS)#shorts #amg #car. More horsepower, more torque, and a more exhilarating driving experience by delivering usable power through improved throttle response and torque. 435 views, 7 likes, 3 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Vag Tuning SA: Mercedes-Benz C43 Downpiped ️ Midpipes ️ Stage 1 Tune ️ Lambda Sensor No 2 Delete ️ Book. dc41d8bLogo's 200 Cell High Flow Downpi. With information about melanoma stages, prognosis is then possible. SteinBizzle '19 AMG GLC43 & '20 Audi SQ5 • 2 mo. Flashing Options: Stage Options: Clear: C63 N/A M156 Stage 1 Tune quantity. Interested to know any feedback, is it worth doing? Tuning, Styling and Performance. C36 AMG, C43 AMG (W202) CLK55 AMG, CLK63 AMG (W208, W209) I will say that I got the Stage 2 tune from Vivid Racing and didn't really like it. The only real question with the M276 DE 30 LA is how much power the internals can really handle. You can trust Prestige Auto Works AMG tuning experience to deliver to your expectations while remaining …. Mercedes-AMG is introducing the first performance version of the C-Class W206. If a stage 1 tune blew your motor in a matter of days, I am going to take a strong educated guess the engine already had problems before you tuned it C43 AMG - RaceChip Tune, LEM downpipes, Res delete, BMC intakes, H&R suspension 2015 SQ5 (Res Delete, X pipe, Throttle body hose, Air box mod, Control arms, APR (FOR SALE) …. Infiniti Q60S vs Mercedes C43 AMG, stock and tune drag and roll race!. Mercedes C350 2015+ Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune; C400/C43/C450. Stage 2 C43 AMG 1/4 Mile (10 sec pass) : r/AMG. #1 Gorgeous Mercedes C43 in for tuning, now packing a much bigger punch from its new stage 1 tune. Mods: COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE. This version of our tune is stronger than stage 1 in every aspect. Stage 1 (CVT and MT): Improved throttle response. C43 AMG mercedes Stage 1 tune. Mercedes C63 & C63S 2015+ Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune …. The C43 packs Formula 1-derived tech and will eventually be joined by a full-fledged C63, also using a hybridized inline-four engine. Whereas I gain more features, WAY better interior (upholstery, seatbelts, door materials, etc. Hey everyone I just got a Eurocharged stage 1 ecu tune on my 2018 C43. Quote 07-22-2018, 06:32 PM #12. Wij bieden voor de VGSNAG3 9 traps automaat verschillende pakketten van stage 1 & 2 tot een custom hybrid turbo map! De auto is al voorzien van een stage 2 tune en tuner X, maar lever weinig extra power ten opzichte van de. After about a year, I wrote the company, describing the symptoms I had …. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. For the 2007 to 2014 Mercedes C-Class, there is a wide variety of performance mods on the market. 36et at 121mph in a 1/4 mile on E30 fuel with only the following mods:⁣⁣ AMR Performance #COMPORT running Stage 1 93 Octane tune JB4 Boost Controller used to switch between boost levels set to map 2 targeting 19psi MST Intakes Read more…. The cost of a standard tune-up for a Dodge Charger depends on a number of factors, but it can range from $200 to $800, as of 2015. If you have any questions send us a message and we will get back to you in timely manner. DM, Call/WhatsApp us on 9500000269, 911149884, 9119118008 to …. 14 views, 1 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Mafia Street Tuning: YES!!! Mercedes Benz C43 MST Stage 2 Video:. 9 Things I’ve Learned Driving A Mercedes. $890 + Transmission TCU Tune $400 Stage 2. 0-liter four-cylinder M139l engine. Combining a long list of favourite pieces, some from our product library and some from those of our friends. It makes 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) of torque. Tuning should cost u around $700-$1000. It features a 64mhz processor allowing sensors to be sampled 800 times per second using dedicated. 8wHp @4730rpm and +140wTq @3930rpm (refer to …. 7et! THE #COMPORT STRIKES AGAIN! The COMPORT once again proving to be the ultimate hand-hend programmer on the market! 2019 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG -vs- 2018 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG. Tuning: 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG – AMR Performance Reviews amr performance c43 Customer: German Power Plot: Modifications: AMR Performance …. MERCEDES C43 AMG (M276 engine) 2015+ ECU TUNE STAGE 1. whether the shopping cart is filled. Interior/exterior also looks spotless. 91 Octane Horsepower: 500hp 91 Octane Torque: 550tq. It's amazing how your HP curve looks like a NA engine, usually B58s peaks around 5000 RPM and stay flat or even drop a bit from there. Dual-zone automatic climate control. $66,085 (base price: $52,925) ENGINE TYPE. 0 V6 BI-TURBO 4MATIC ECU SOFTWARE REPAIR AND STAGE 1+GEARBOX CALIBRATION MERCEDES-BENZ C43 AMG 3. STAGE 1 420HP & 620NM MERCEDES. +35% torque with Stage 1 ECU Remap on Mercedes Benz C Class. BMW S1000RR – ECU Tuning Tested 20 comments | 23,174 views; Hyundai Veloster Turbo – ECU Tune Results 18 comments | 25,324 views; Mercedes Benz W222 S550 Performance ECU Tuning 12 comments | 11,678 views; E-Z Flash – Now Available for ALL ME9. Weistec ECU Tune Power 370whp and 440wtq on 91 octane* …. However, even with perfect tuning, if you’re using low-quality strings, your ukulele may not stay in. Understanding the Stages of Melanoma. DM 05603 67 21 09 info@gadtuning. Option the bigger 19- or 20-inch wheels, and that speed raises to 165 mph. 4K views, 93 likes, 3 loves, 17 comments, 5 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from AK-Tuning: Mercedes C43 - Stage 2 + pops&bangs & Tuned by AK-Tuning Thailand ️ - info@aktuning. ), better infotainment, and better exhaust note. We'll also help you decide which are the best stage 1. 6-Speed Manual, Dinan Stage 1 Tune, California-Owned. 0T for 280hp, 293hp and 300hp. 1 seconds and through the quarter-mile in 12. Mercedes-Benz ECU Tuning (181) Mini Cooper (3) Porsche (112) Rolls Royce (4) Volkswagen (11) OUR PARTNERS. Audi S5 Stage 2 tune C43 AMG (intake & tune) #audis5 #c43amg. Vehicle: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG. Imagine your vehicle with better throttle response, more horsepower / torque, and reliable performance backed by the best calibrators / tuners in the industry!. RENNtech Coilover Suspension for the 205 - C43 AMG Coupe and Sedan. 3 V8 fitted in the CLK & E class anyway, which is allegedly the only difference between them (275 BHP CLK & E class, 306 BHP C43 AMG) The exhaust system is pretty good standard, but if you can find a set of Kleeman Manifolds this would give you appox. APR ECU-18T-EA888-3-T-IS12 APR ECU Upgrade - 1. (Like an ecu tune for stage 1, downpipes and other equipment gets swapped out in stage 2). Burger Motorsports Dual Air Intake System for Mercedes C400/C450/C43. #c43amg #stage2tune #mercedes For any questions or enquiries, please send them too info@motorsportandperformance. Chiptuning Cars Mercedes C W205 04/2014 2018 43 AMG (3. Did it cause any problems without the cpc tune. December 15, while our Stage-2 tune with down-pipes added yielded +92. Stage 1 is a true optimisation of the stock vehicles parameters within the ECU to unlock the potential power that the manufacture has left on the table. The power box with Vmax delimiter is also available for the following Mercedes AMG models: Mercedes C43 AMG (saloon W205), Mercedes C43 AMG (T-model S205), Mercedes C43 AMG coupe (C205) as well as for the Cabriolet (A205), also with the engine C 450 AMG. Mercedes C43 AMG STOCK: 373 HP / 486 Nm STAGE 1: 433 HP / 551 NmBR-Performance is specialized in engine control unit (ECU) optimisation and engine tuning req. Eurocharged ECU Tuning for your Mercedes C43 ECU Tuning Eurocharged has tuned the fastest C43 AMG. MERCEDES SLC 43 AMGSTOCK : 390 HP / 520 NmSTAGE 1: 420 HP / 620 NmBR-Performance is specialized in engine control unit (ECU) optimisation and engine tuning r. 45 likes, 6 comments - bmwcodes on October 8, 2023: "The numbers don’t lie 2019 Mercedes C43 AMG running our STAGE 1 TUNE From 4. Mercedes C W205 04/2014 2018 43 AMG (3. Pop and Bang Tuning Files. BMW 428i Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (N20) …. To make things even more interesting we threw in our #. We also provide Custom Dyno Tuning, Flashing and Chipping for nearly all makes and models of vehicles. Welcome to Weistec Engineering. The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3/3+ TTE710, Pure750, or TTE810 Tuning Software for Audi B9/B9. Stage 3 is designed for off road use only and uses the full de-CAT down pipes to give the maximum back pressure reduction for increased power and response. Let’s bring the AMG C43 to life a little, i head over to Kings Custom Performance in Blackpool to watch a friends AMG C43 have a stage 1 tune & a custom …. Stage 1 afstelling met bijpassen. C63 N/A M156 Stage 1 Tune. MODEL Stage 1 "BRONZE" SUPPORTING MODS Stage 2 "SILVER" SUPPORTING MODS Stage 3 "GOLD" SUPPORTING MODS Stage 4 "PLATINUM" SUPPORTING MODS ULTIMATE HP SUPPORTING MODS A45 (W176) +39 ZAC Cold Air Intake +49 + ZAC Downpipes +79 + ZAC SHF900 Turbo +129 + HPFP Upgrade Coming Soon Coming …. We work hard to give you the highest quality, power and driving experience with our ECU Software Upgrades (tunes). Mercedes GLC43 Stage 1 Tune in Progress. Learn more C43 ECU TUNING , C450 ECU TUNING Special Features (add-on for RV3. Video supplied by Scott AbrinoTests done by Scott AbrinoScott Abrino, using the RaceLogic V-Box to test our AMR Performance ECU Software Upgrade 0-60 times. Full 4-Corner adjust ability up to 1. 8 views, 0 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from K&O Performance: C43 Going berserk after getting that @k. The now optimized electronic signals that control the engine give it a power increase of up to 30% more HP and up to 30% more Nm torque. The masterminds at Mercedes-AMG have been set loose on the C-class and have created the C43 sports sedan, powered by a 402-hp turbo four-cylinder powertrain. Another awsome Mercedes C63 AMG estate version tuned by @Gadtuningltd. BMW 235i (2012+) Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (N55) BMW 3 Series. ECC F90 M5 Sets the World Record 1/4 mile for a Stock Turbo, Stock Motor for its platform! New F90 M5 …. The AMR tune and weistec downpipes have finally been installed! This is my reaction, and some drive-bys. 8 Facebook Twitter Vehicle Fitment; Make Model Year Engine ; Mercedes Benz : C43 : 2017 - 2018 : 3. I had a C450 (c43 with older transmission) and I did Weistec downpipes, MST intakes, and a DME stage 2 tune. Men zegt wel eens, de c43 is geen echte amg Maar deze 3. Take care of your car and you'll be fine. _____ If you are interested in having your vehicle tuned send us a message with your vehicle reg and a member of our team will Provide a quote and expected gains. Eurocharged 2019-2022 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Tune (W205 3. Description mercedes gle43 tuner Application: Make: Mercedes-Benz; Model: GLE43 AMG; Chassis: W166; ECU Type: MED17. The most devastating side effects for your engine include damage to the valves, turbine, and piston heads due to the explosions which happen at very high temperatures. Mercedes C43 AMG in for Stage 1 Tuning with Dyno time!!!. RENNtech HHT (hand held tuner) allows you the unlimited ability to switch between tuned and stock ECU programming and requires no ECU removal! Our proprietary tuning module stores both the RENNtech tuned file and your vehicles stock file. Maximized for full performance potential on the drag strip and road coarse while maintaining full comfort and reliability on your daily commute. Stage: Add Cypher Handheld Tuner +$400. Mercedes Benz CPC Module Upgrade $ Read more. Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG - Stage One ECU Tune. Burger Motorports JB4 Performance Tuner For BMW N20/N26 - Pneumatic Wastegate. Typical stage 2 tune = 40bhp more. New time slips are here, https://i. Stage 2 tune with downpipes will have you gapping a stock C63s off the light. As complicated as the subject is, Stage 1 tuning is the beginning and the first level of programming (chiptuning, tuning boxes, plug-and-plays). If anybody is on the fence about this tune, don't be. Mercedes C400/C43/C450 2016+ Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (M276) C63 & C63S. At the end of the video are different. Laat staan wat een downpipe doet op deze motor. 149 views, 5 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from South Tuningz: MERCEDES-BENZ C43 AMG 3. 65kw at the engine gain or 38KW at the wheels. Vehicle: 2018 Mercedes-Benz E63S AMG. Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG in with us for some tuning work 🔥This car was previously tuned by another company. 0 MATIC Coupe/ FULL WRAP LIME GREEN / STAGE 2 TUNE / MANY MODIFIED ***** ENGINE SPECS – C43 9AT (385 HP) CYLINDERS: V6 DISPLACEMENT: 2999 cc POWER: 385 HP @ 6100 RPM TORQUE: 520 Nm @ 2500-5000 RPM FUEL SYSTEM: Direct Injection FUEL: Gasoline TOP SPEED: 249 km/h DRIVE …. Mercedes C43 AMG Convertible in for Stage 1 calibration!!!. VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Mercedes C43 AMG 390hp W205 2018-2020. Then we get some working to power figures. C43 stage 1 with some exterior mods : r/AMG. Tuning for Mercedes SLC 43 AMG 367Hp 2016-2020, Stage 1. We pay the shipping costs for customers …. Benefit from the most innovative performance improvement with RaceChip chip tuning and tap into the potential that today's vehicle electronics in your Mercedes offers. 5 Oryx White Golf R 6sp, Mk6 CSG GTI 6sp, Mk4 Matchstick Red JTI VR6 5sp. Mercedes C43 AMG with ATM Performance stage 1 acceleration 0-160420hp & 620nm+53hp & 520nm. Jaguar Tuning Industry leaders VelocityAP’s custom setup was developed and tested in a dyno setting but also extensively road tested to ensure not just big peak numbers but optimum drive-ability and seamless factory integration. Expertly calibrated and meticulously refined, DME Tuning’s ECU software is guaranteed to give you MORE of a good thing. 99 CAD MERCEDES C43 AMG (M276 engine) 2015+ ECU TUNE STAGE 1 - STAGE 3. M113K SC Cold Air Intake Upgrade, E, CLS. Operating since 1994, Fitzgerald Racing Services has focused on performance improvements, maintenance and support for Porsches ranging from club sprint cars to GT3 Cup winners. The AMG C43 downsizes from a V6 to a four-cylinder engine with an industry-first electric exhaust-gas turbocharger. But yeah, stage 3 does usually mean an. — MERCEDES C43 AMG — Custom stage 1 tune. while our Stage-2 tune with down-pipes added yielded +92. more info Original After tuning …. It produces up to 529-620 HP and 554-622 FT-LBS of torque with gains as high as +172-171 HP and +255-263 FT-LBS of torque at the wheels. 265 views, 5 likes, 0 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Reels from Vag Tuning SA: Mercedes-Benz C43 VTS Downpipe ️ VTS Res Delete ️ Stage 1 Tune ️ Book Now 0761354881 or 0615121272. Improved low-end and midrange torque. C43/ C450 AMG Stage 1 AMR Tune 1/4 Mile Draggy Run!!!">C43/ C450 AMG Stage 1 AMR Tune 1/4 Mile Draggy Run!!!. JB1 Stage 1 Group 1 The JB1 Stage 1 is a true user adjustable plug and play solution for all MQB based models in the VW Audi Group range. Description Shipping details Expertly calibrated and meticulously refined, DME Tuning's ECU software is guaranteed to give you MORE of a good thing. eine Spritersparnis (Eco-Tuning) zu erreichen. In today’s competitive real estate market, it is crucial for agents and agencies to stay ahead of the game. Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG | Stage 1 Tune As mentioned earlier today, here's the dyno footage of the C43 AMG in action! • Previous Tune 408bhp & 418ft/lbs • Stock Tune 361bhp & 384ft/lbs • Final. **Unleash the Beast: BMW 330D 3. I hope you guys enjoy it!Link to the kit: https://sh. Stage 1 c43 tuning for our friends at Peerless Automotive & Electrics #evotechmelbourne #amg #c43. 237 views, 6 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from EuroSpec Automotive: ⁣⁣⁣ Mercedes-Benz C43 Stage 2 ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Stage 2 EuroSpec Software⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣. A gain of almost +90hp and +115tq over stock!. 0T V6 engine is designed to transform the driving experience of your vehicle!. Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG ( 2020+) Stage …. Mercedez Benz AMG 2019 datang buat pengantian knalpot dan EP Tune remap stage 2 2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet Review - Drive like the Wind. Which leads to our next part of the review, reliability! Reliability. The APR tune WILL impact your ECU allowing the dealership to see a tune: instant TD1 and good bye to your powertrain warranty. JLR offers this engine in a number of factory calibrations. ECC offers custom ECU tuning for all Exotic and European car manufactures, custom fabrication, power packages as well as regular maintenance. The powerband has been optimized To take advantage of the new boost curve and pulley ratios. Really solid gains under the curve overall. With only 9700km mileage on the odometer, this Mercedes C43 came in for a Stage 1 optimization with completely stock hardware. 1 ECU Software Upgrade (tune) #beastmodeEma. Manufacturer of quality performance parts including superchargers, turbo upgrades, intakes, downpipes, water methanol systems! Stage 1 to Stage 2 Supercharger Upgrade, M156. This also means that you can change gear. addressbook] A CSRF token to secure address processing in the shop. 2018 Mercedes C43 AMG SA Tuning Stage 1. The Tuning Box is a plug and play solution which is shared from the same C450 AMG engine. For a few hundred dollars on a tune you get a mid to low 12 second car that drives like stock but with much more power. AMR Performance MB C43 AMG (w205) RV3. Performance benefits without compromises. TorqueCars Stage 1 Tuning Guide. Evolve Technik is a specialist eco and performance tuning division based at Fitzgerald Racing Services. 0L BiTurbo engine producing an estimated 367hp. Mods: COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE + TCU TUNE + CPC TUNE + STG1 TURBOCHARGERS. It’s my daily so I feel as if that’d be the sweet spot for public roads and busy highway pulls. eurocharged c43 stage 2 Request a free quote. RENNtech | Coil Over Suspension | 205 | C43 AMG Coupe and Sedan. The C43 sedan is the first AMG version of the W206 C-Class, which launched in 2021. C43 AMG Downpipes + Stage 2 ECU/ Burble Tunehttps://www. BHP increase: +61 Stage 1 Call for price. Will get some faster passes after I ditch these all-season tires soon. First video with taillights on is original, with taillights off is decatted. Engine ruined after APR Stage 1. For comparison: Mercedes 43-AMG models (series: 4. With recommended hardware upgrades, we can add 118HP and 230NM of torque with our Stage 2 ecu software. 00 Add to cart; Jaguar F-Type R, V8S, V6S Porterfield R4-S Brake Pads Front AP 1750 $ 149. Stage 3 - M3/M4 LM Downpipes - 560 bhp. Mercedes C43 AMG Biturbo 4Matic in for Stage 1 calibration. 15K subscribers in the mercedes community. UnderstandingSolid20 Stage 1 C43 Sedan • 2 yr. When you have good headphones, you can enjoy watching movies and listening to music without dealing with distractions or disrupting others. 2021 AMG C43 Stage 1 Tune Frank Smoke 1. He explained he has been running his car hard for a year without issues. com) custom tuning Description: German's 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG in for an AMR Performance Stage 1 ECU Software Upgrade (tune). FC don't expect to be good as it is a performance car. De chiptuning van ATM voor uw Mercedes-Benz C 43 AMG 390pk vindt handmatig plaats en is uitvoerig getest op onze vermogenstestbank. Gorgeous Mercedes C43 in for tuning, now packing a much bigger punch from its new stage 1 tune. Burger Motorsports F Series JB+ Quick Install Tuner. Fantastic drivability - 15-35% extra power Be happy at the pumps - 8-15% …. 7et! THE #COMPORT STRIKES AGAIN! The COMPORT once again proving to be the ultimate …. 6 seconds, onto an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. 1 second 0-60, which is quite surprising for the price. Mercedes Benz Tuning Specialists Mercedes Benz C43 AMG. Mercedes C43 AMG ECU Tune. The turbo 4-cylinder engine of the C250 is very different than the 6-cylinder of the C300 and C350, so always double …. Our Engineering team creates our own custom ECU Tuning for your vehicle making sure the ECU Tune is customized for your mods, …. Mercedes C43 2018 – DME Tuning. Stage 1 Pops and bangs Mb c43 #msm_tuning_file_service +972 56-777-5438. Ein Mercedes-AMG C43 mit 435 PS? Gibt es - von RaceChip. Imagine your vehicle with better throttle response, more horsepower / torque, and reliable performance backed by the best calibrators / tuners in the industry! Best of all, we can tune most cars remotely or you can visit one of our 15. 136 views, 6 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from GAD Tuning LTD: Mercedes C43 AMG in for Stage 1 calibration!!! OEM - 367hp and 520nm Real - 367bhp and 507nm Stage 1. Scuderia AlphaTauri AT04 leads Zhou Guanyu of China driving the (24) Alfa Romeo F1 C43 Ferrari on track during the F1 Grand Prix of United States at Circuit of The Americas on October 22, 2023 in Austin. #1 Hello members, We had this stunning C43 AMG Vert in for Stage 1 software calibration Got to work as usual checking tyres, dif, coolent, oil and fuel quality while running diagnostics on the vehicle while letting everything cool as these run very hot and can soak while sitting very easily. Unit 14 Hither Green Trading Estate, Clevedon, Somerset, BS21 6XU Tel: 01275 217270 Email: steve@avantgarde-automotive. Speedmaster-Remapping · May 2, 2020 · C43 AMG mercedes. Model-Specific Engine Tuning & Modification Discussion; Mercedes C250, C300, C43, AMG No announcement yet. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms. 0 Bi-Turbo equipped with mcchip-dkr software optimization and mcpipes downpipe. Vincent's Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG equipped with an AMR Performance C43 AMG ECU Software Upgrade showing off some our #burble features "pop bang and crackl. Usually get a full detail once a year, and wax every few months. 1 with its huge power gains and 0-60mph in 3. Some of the best mods for the Mercedes C43 AMG include: Tuning; Dual Intake Upgrade; Downpipes; Water-Methanol Injection; Intercooler; M276: DE 30 LA Power Limits. Besides the exterior mods, the car’s 3. One powerful tool that can give you a significant edge is leveraging analytics on platforms like Rightmove. MB C43 AMG is on the LDS Dyno for the Stage 2 package! Our. uk💪Mercedes C43 AMG SA Tuning Stage 1🔥🚀🚀We take you through from start to finish tuning this C4. The maximum speed is raised with the tuning to 285 km/h (series: 250 km/h). All Engine Performance Tuning and Software (43) Sort by: 1 - 24 of 43 results Burger Motorports Stage 1 Performance Tuner For BMW N55 - F30. 0 Liter V6 engines provides substatial gains across the entire powerband. DriveWe got the 2017 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG out on a POV Drive. RACECHIP Chiptuning:Mercedes Benz C43 AMG with installed RaceChip GTS:Acceleration 0-100 km/h and 100-200 km/h. 0-liter mild-hybrid four-cylinder is the same mill from the CLA 45, an AMG-specific engine built in Affalterbach by a single technician. Unsere Uploads-Zeiten sind Montag, Mittwoch, & Freitag immer um 11:00 Uhr! Also abonnieren und die Glocke einschalten!Damit ihr eine Push-Benachrichtigung au. List of mods? Everything! I got the Brabus carbon style lip I got the psm carbon spoiler. Mercedes C350 2006-2011 Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (M272) Mercedes C350 2012+ Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (M276) Mercedes C350 2015+ Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune; C400/C43/C450. Same Tune as Stage 1 but also Includes Catless Downpipe Installation for Vehicles with Aftermarket Headers Installed. The maximum speed is raised with the tuning to 280 km/h (series: 250 km/h). Peningkatan Power dan Torsi di Rpm bawah dan pertengahan, Untuk lebih lengkap. This Mercedes-Benz C43 received a Stage-1 Tune. Testing concluded that our Stage-1 tune made an increase of +79. It's a stage 1 tune and it's my. Air filter wise the C43 has a different airbox from the standard fit 4. Over 460hp and 520tq when all is said and done. I also have a 2008 Subaru Forester XT with a stage 1 Cobb tune and put 96,000 miles on it without problems. We are an Independent ECU Remapping and vehicle tuning specialist based in . What does a stage 1 tune actually do? : r/GolfGTI. 2015-2022 Mercedes C43 AMG ECU Stage 2 Tune - RED-C-43-AMG-TUNE-STAGE-2 - Tuning - Redline Autohaus & Performance - Canada - Performance Parts - Redline Autohaus & Performance. Mercedes C43 AMG SA Tuning Stage 1 We take you through from start to finish tuning this C43 AMG, check out the video for the gains achieved and the Watch. Today you can obtain Mercedes-Benz models. Our Stage 3 options unleashes the full potential of the BMW M3 / M4 turbos and increases power to a reliable 560 bhp and 530 lbft. With downpipe and high flow intake filters and custom dyno tuning. Great turbocharged 382hp straight 6 engine and a supposed 4. The drivers and teams report back on all the action from the Formula 1 Lenovo United States Grand Prix 2023 at the Circuit of The Americas. BMW B38/B46/B48/B58 JB4 Tuner. I was able to get the car up to 289kph (180mph). Improve the Performance Potential and fuel mileage potential of your E85 Flex fueled Mercedes C43 AMG and say goodbye to sluggish factory fuel maps with Smart-Tune-E Flex fuel tuner. NOTE: Euro Car Electronics offers Installation Australia wide. Today’s engines are controlled electronically using software. Gorgeous AMG C43 , In for a stage 1 remap , apart from the performance increase and much more responsive and predictable acceleration, I still think they have the most amazing sound !!!!! # Cartuning # ecutuning # cartune # tuning …. com) custom tuning Description: …. The Weistec M276 ECU upgrade for the 2015+ Twin Turbo or "BiTurbo" 3. Bmc air filters and a stage 1 tune from eurocharge with a output of 460hp. It's a warm rather than hot AMG performance sedan, aimed, Mercedes-Benz USA says, at BMW's M340i xDrive and Audi. Und damit kommt der Sportkombi schon sehr nahe an den C63 AMG. Mercedes C43 2016 – DME Tuning. 0L V6 Biturbo engine responds extremely well to ECU tuning and we have developed in-house protocols to be able to flash this ECU within minutes all through the OBD port using our Verstand Flash Software. Save it and just do stage 2 when you’re ready. This thing really gets up and goes I …. 2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 Drivetrain. Everything that has to do with Mercedes Benz, Tuning and most importantly, keeping these cars on the road…. 6-inch pieces in back grabbed by single-piston. 2019 c43 came in for @ecctuned Stage1 ecu tune, Contact us and get your c43 tune the right way with real-time results. 67 likes, 2 comments - eurochargedhtx on August 31, 2022: "C43 AMG dropped by for a quick stage 1 tune. Mercedes, Mercedes Benz, remap, stage 2, stage 2 tuning, stage 2 upgrade, tuning, W205. Performance Tuning - Our team has a shared vision and. Sold Separately* SKU 1189-1 Categories C43, ECU Tuning, Mercedes Benz. 64K subscribers Subscribe 103 7. To pair your stage 2 tune with downpipes, we HIGHLY recommend clicking here for RedStar Exhaust USA or call 781-927-8491 to. Mercedes C43 AMG MAGNUM Smart. 2016 Mercedes C450 AMG mods:AMR RV3. Mods are BM3 stage 1 93 octane tune, Injen intakes, and MPE. The next step would be better intake filters!! —— For a quote on your make and model …. Home / Dyno and Tuning Services / Mercedes-Benz / Mercedes C-Class / C300 / Mercedes C300 2012-2014 Stage 1 Performance ECU Tune (M276) $ 1,199. 573 views, 8 likes, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Reels from Vag Tuning SA: Mercedes-Benz C43 VTS Downpipe ️ VTS Res Delete ️ Stage 1 Tune ️ Book Now 0761354881 or 0615121272. My friend has a c43 17 DME stage 2 with downpipes and I take which cost him $2500 Canadian with installation and he’s running 11. The AMR Performance COMPORT Pro Tuning Suite is a one stop shop! You can data log your vehicles parameters, save them and email them to your tuner. • Improves 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times. I had purchased Stage 1 originally and upgraded to Stage 2. Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Stage 1 // 0-60 Launch - YouTube. Tapi mobil ini hanya akan kami optimalkan enginenya dengan remap Stage 1 menggunakan EP Tune So. 0T instantly increases performance with more horsepower, torque, and faster acceleration. The maximum allowed downhill slope over the course of the run is 3. Vehicle Type: front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted] • Additional comment actions. We recently tuned the 2020 Mercedes-AMG C43 W205 Turbo-Petrol 3. 22 reviews Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. 62 seconds! #c43 #amg #performance #stage2. The RPM limits are raised in all gears to 7200RPM on stage 1 & stage 2 single pulley tunes and 7350RPM on dual pulley. Home / MERCEDES-BENZ / C-CLASS / C43 (W205) / C43 ECU TUNING. RENNtech EVM | Exhaust Valve Module | C-Class Pre-FaceLift MY2015-18. Manufacturer of quality performance parts including superchargers, turbo upgrades, intakes, downpipes, water methanol systems!. Nice Sunny day in the Netherlands to take out my Mercedes C43 AMG. STAGE 2 TUNER X Binnen voor een stage 2 afstelling voor de motor en 9 traps transmissie. Mercedes Benz C43 AMG ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ===== LINE : @euro_haus ️ - Thailand@aktuning. The right headphones give you a top-quality audio experience when you’re on the bus, at the gym or e. ECU Tune accesses this software via specially modules in order to bring maximum performance when you want it and retain the comfort of a daily driver when you don’t need it. Tuning: Paul's Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG makes over +100hp! mercedes c43 tune amr performance c43 Customer: Paul G. So, I had Stock, Stage 1, and Stage 2 loaded in the OBD tool. ECU Tuning / TCU Tuning / Performance Part Upgrades / Retrofit Carplay / Trackers & Immobilisers available at UVR # mercedesbenz # c43amg # Tuning # remap # mercedesbenz # c43amg # Tuning # …. When you trade longevity and reliability for more horsepower again. *LOUD POPS* C43 AMG STAGE 1 EUROCHARGED TUNE. 1 ECU Software Release! Over the last 3-4 weeks, our engineering staff has been at work, tweaking and working out every little detail of the M276 ECU. OEM - 385bhp and 520nm Real - 381bhp and 531nm Stage 1 - 435bhp and 629nm. The power outputs even stock are quite staggering however when tuned, this engine and absolutely amazing. Uncategorized Karim’s Mercedes-Benz goes 11. Jeffrey from Speed World Baldwin, our Authorized dealer in New York, recently reset his own personal best and world record 1/4 mile pass on his ECC tuned C43 AMG! -Stock Turbo and Stock Engine. c43 amg performance upgrades. C43 STG1 vs Corvette C7 Stingray. 40/20/40-split folding rear seats. 9s, and the C450 felt not much slower. Eurocharged has on site professional grade scan tools such as BMW’s GT1, Mercedes Benz Star-Das and Vediamo, VehiCAL for logging, and Audi/ VW Vag-Com to better help diagnose issues with your vehicle. 0L V6 Bi-Turbo! With OE Tuning’s experience tuning Mercedes-Benz vehicles, it was always the plan to develop complete tuning packages for the entire 43AMG line. We had this Mercedes C43 come in for a Stage 1 Map and Dyno🤩Thanks to our custom tuning stage 1 this car produced441BHP // 534FT LB TQ ️That’s an increase o. TOPIC: The new 2019 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 4-Matic comes with the 3. Call us on 08000305555 or email: sales@dmsautomotive.