Blackops2cel Blackops2celWhen you post "incels are ugly and can't get laid and blame women," it isn't insightful, isn't funny and doesn't further the conversation in any way, it totally misses the mark about the actual underlying psychology of inceldom, and it …. I really wish more incels would grow up and realize that they need to change their attitude and behavior if they want to be happy. Blackops2cel – an icon in an incel community. I'm pretty sure some younger girls might have recognized the meme and swiped right just for lols. Yeah, some people are dealt a bad hand, yeah, many women are fucked in the head, yeah, society is definitely fucked, and yeah, the internet made both problems infinitely worse. After wars there's a bit less young males than women so the women actually have to compete to find a man. True dat, you are having a staff meeting with a cute chick monday morning, and a load of chad's cum is in her pussy and she has a load in her stomach too, and she's making notes with a wry smile like nothing ever happened. But in later years Lord Blackops2cel was missing but some photos of him was leaked. How an story so far from reality emerged is still a mystery. BlackOps2Cel even good at CoD? Thread starter Deleted member 2299; Start date Jan 7, 2018; Deleted member 2299 Self-banned-Joined Dec 21, 2017 Posts 668. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, . Terrible fucking eye area, my bags under my eyes are so fucking big its insane, also dark under eye area is suicide fuel :cryfeels: Even blackops2cel has shitty eye area. Do women see any difference between an incel like Zyros and BlackOps2cel or do they consider all of us to be hideous subhumans? I personally think that women view all guys that are not significantly above average to be the same that's why you have so many average looking incels. I blame my inceldom on not having a male rolemodel growing up (my dad got sick and died of Parkinson's at a young age). Seriously, the level of madness incels seem to exist at has no bottom, does it? Do they just assume any woman who takes a photo with any living thing automatically fucked it?. The rise of Truecelcel : the new saint advent (new song). My second channel, for videos I don't want to "fill up" my main channel with. You should at least understand the things you hate. yeah blackops2cel is actually a good example of how one simple action can fuck up your life. Due to their extreme condition, the incels become "blackpilled" and see the system as it is. Check out my main channel if you ju. Crazy how he still has bug-eyes when squintmaxxing. It's fascinating how these fucks put women on pedestals and consider them inferior species at the same time. Normies >cucks >betabux >niceguys >soys >eventually finds a becky or landwhale whose willing to let the normie pay for their shit >open to the becky sleeping with other men Incels >endlessly rejected by women >refuses to cuck out, betabux, be niceguy, or soyfag, and doesn't want any open relationship bullshit They seem to associate the …. Huge ass asymmetrical bug eyes, negative canthal tilt, upper eyelid exposure, godawful brow bridge and skull shape, fuge asymmetrical nose, small forehead. 15 y/o Another one cried only because she was obliged to make a project …. hes also a full asian while ER was half. Asgard I am a naïve, mentally-challenged individual. There has never been any indication that has ever changed. Blackops2cel is a truecel and the most notable incelebrity. These fraudulent profiles typically feature morally dubious intentions, indicating that the person interested in the profile only cares in physical appearance. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. There was once a Russian-Australian scientist named Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian who studied inceldom and determined that it could be cured by a combination of trenbolone acetate and clenbuterol. TOP TIER, ELITE subhuman genes. " And none of these chinless, ugly incel dudes are capable of staying in their own lane, accepting that they're ugly, and making the best of it with their chinless female equivalents. Posts like these honestly make me happy. For the longest time his identity as well as the origin of the selfie were unknown, until two days ago an up to date image surfaced on …. Marijan Šiklić is a Croatian window licker who converted to Islam (EDIT: Apparently not), thinks Islam is destined to conquer Europe, wants to rape women, and begged his own mother for sex. 1% Total voters 18; AsakuraHao Commander. Blackops2cel is a 6'4" tall fag, at least has light skin, and has kind eyes, and he goes to Ferrari shows in Europe. parts of the blackpill community, such characteristics are assumed to be primarily extreme ugliness, disfigurement and high mutational load, with. Deleted member 21230 Theorizer-Joined Sep 30, 2019 Posts 15,339. Unironically mogs me kek ilieknothing. VS @Jagged0 @goldstandardwhey @ArvidGustavsson @Good_Little_Goy @Trungvu @Thongmaster. This is the normie thought process when an incel says anything. Diocel DANCE DANCE DANCE-Joined Dec 5, 2019 Posts 3,795. In parts of the incelosphere, hyper focusing on lookism, e. Incels deserve sympathy, not bullying. that's one of the biggest blackpills out there. Probably pulls easy these days. Found in the Vatican's library next to a portrait of PBUH. The Virgin BlackOps2cel vs The Hunter Eyed Chad. Those who would say he mogs them simply for being white must also have showed their facial rating, considering he's not exactly the "pure Nordic" type and does have a quite sub 5 face; considering his frameletism as well, he is quite the subhuman, and deserving of a Messiah status. The Supreme Gentlemen of r/incels are back at it again with more of their typical insanity. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of de. The Virgin BlackOps2Cel vs The Chad Hunter Eyes. Just like the "body-positive radfem" women want to destroy the appearance dating game. pw Edit: they have a discord server too, for tutorials and stuff https://discord. In PSL and incel communities, the sentence "No x for your y" or "There is no x for your y", also spelled "There's no x for your y", is a meme which is used to express the opinion that such specific action, change or effort will not be able to make someone ascend, because their incelization is due to some of the person's characteristics which most of the time …. This Essay is brought to you for free and open access by the Women's and Gender Studies Program at eCommons. "Oh Saint Blackops2cel, thou art my shepard. He has the potential to be at least average or maybe slightly above. What is an incel? How are incels linked to toxic masculinity and anti-feminism? This article has everything you need to know about incels. Essayez ce réinstaller le programme pour corriger ce problème. BlackOps2Cel: This refers to a picture of a young man wearing a Call of Duty shirt who's been adopted as the "patron saint" of inceldom. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye Uploaded by …. jfl I'm suffering 24/7, wherever I go I feel like I'm being tortured. Seems to be an attractive. Blackops2cel thinks of the incel community?">What do you think Blackops2cel thinks of the incel community?. we're pathetic too but at least we're blackpilled and not as autistic (waking up to the blackpill takes social skills). How dare they insult our Lord and Saviour BlackOps2cel? They are going straight to hell! Click to expand Blackops2cel will punish them. Blackops2cel, poznat i kao Sveti Blackops2cel – u pitanju je forumaš sa jednog od najvećih sajtova incela koga su mnogi prihvatili kao otelotvorenje klasičnog incela. Click to expand yea but they couldve gone to asia and slay. /r/braincels just got a female mod and incels are losing their shit. Blackops2cel is sufficiently ugly enough to make normies understand that bluepilled advice does not work for the …. I didn’t pay attention in the meeting and was staring at him most of the time. I've seen people deny this but just recently, somebody used blackops2cel and he got a few matches too. BlackOps2Cel is with us now more than ever. Lord Blackops2cel was the face for Inceldom but there's no clue for him in late years. "Femoid" comes from the contraction of the word "female" and "android" (robot), to emphasize the allegedly icy nature of women. IMO, our ancestors have already developed a system that is an excellent compromise between the competing interests of men and women: monogamy. The true story of Blackops2cel. This is another popular myth they spread far and wide, I now see it almost everytime our saint is mentioned there. They are pissed off that 35 year olds marry other 35 year olds. Incel proves once again proves why they're incel because they want a 3 whole sex machine who cooks and cleans for them. It doesn't even mention incels until the end, where it tries to tie a general dislike or disregard of women at all into inceldom, and argue that incels are some massive terrorist conspiracy and that Nasuwt (presumably some faggot British politician) is right to be writing up laws that make disliking women a criminal offense. To understand the deification of St. Blackops2cel is attractive according to IT JFL!">St Blackops2cel is attractive according to IT JFL!. the real incel is seung-hui cho. Nov 18, 2022 #3 Croatian Masterrace. dll manquant (missing) J'ai installé Need For Speed, tout c'est bien passé mais au moment de le lancer j'ai ce message d'erreur : Impossible de démarrer le programme car il manque XINPUT1_3. Shaming things men cannot change like height is a popular femoid hobby. The biggest racepill ever was when the NEET Supremacy channel did a Tinder experiment where he set his location to Kenya and SEA with his . BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - Just get a haircut, beard-maxx, neck-maxx and get sunglasses bro Like us on Facebook! Like 1. The MGTOW logo, with "MGTOW" written below. Click to expand I've actually debunked this theory, which was based on a false lead. It also states that life for most women is extremely easy, mainly in reference to women benefiting from men's tendency to simp towards women in attempt to get sexual access to them, socialization for women being easier due to the women are …. BlackOps2cel is evolving! Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuun. The community was particularly known, similarly to /r/incels, for its devotion to Saint Blackops2cel, a man whose picture was believed to represent how a truecel might look in terms of appearance. So go to the Bunny Ranch in Vegas, where it's legal. The reason Pajeet was rejected as the "face" of incels is because even he is too ugly for incels to accept. Incels doxxed blackops2cel a long time ago. So I never learned how to be a man and I grew up around women. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye' image gallery and vote for your favorite! St. Rape of sluts should be praised and is healthy, hygienic measure for a good society. Are they real or what? I dont use tinder so I dont know. ugly = wrong if you're ugly or non-NT. I have discussed with Saint BlackOps2Cel, Saint Bagelcel and saint HamudiCel, blessed be their names. Look, I'm 2/10 but something about him is just plain disgusting. Blackops2cel is the most enlightened incel 2. After being doxxed, Blackops2cel was captured by IT trannies, they beat him and adorned him with a crown of thorns. halloween featuring blackops2cel. Like all proven leaks the current team have invoked historically stalinist revisionism by claiming Jack Peterson a prominent poster and moderator (2. Meanwhile I wish for him the best possible life, and pray for him every day. Unsuspecting ITer accidentally proves the blackpill: Says blackops2cel. Chad – the model alpha or attractive men envied and resented by incels. I do have a wonderful tall bf though. The women now become loyal servants of the incel ruling class, with St. Nov 22, 2017 #8 Fontaine said: The deluded weaboo cope of "Asian females will worship any white" must be put to an end. Who looks worse? Who is generally more incelish in your opinion? Which person would you rather describe as an incel? General Cho Height: 6'0 (183cm) Weight: Unknown (average I guess) Race: Asian (Korean) Mental state: Very broken + seluctive mutism St. is - Involuntary Celibate ^Title. Believe it or not, a lot of incels have attempted to hook up/date women that they've found extremely unattractive only to get rejected because they're using ugly women to get their rocks off, since they assume that someone is easier to get with because …. I don't agree that height>face, i think both are equally important. Know Your Meme | Our confirmed section features over 1,000 entries on a wide range of Internet-related topics carefully researched and verified by the research staff. But he has ZERO facial symmetry whatsoever, which is why every instantly recognises him as being strange looking or ugly. I want Blackops2cel to kill me. I bet most christians wouldn't feel too good about that, having their entire founding myth completely. Serious If BlackOps2cel had a good face symmetry Thread starter AsakuraHao; Start date May 8, 2023; AsakuraHao Commander ★ Joined May 16, 2021 Posts 3,049. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - Original Picture. It is the ultimate nice guy thing an incel can do, manually remove their own head. BountifulFeast Uncanny Valley His Dewliness. And of course, short of being a last resort beta bucks, it won't. Mommy tells them they're perfect so they don't see the need to change. 26) never had anything to do with r/incels or incels. So instead of controllable burping that you can keep quiet, he's sucking down Iced Tea, which is guaranteed to make you get up to piss at least 100 times during the movie, bothering everyone as you have …. Blackops2cel confirmed to be in France in one pic, he was also confirmed to be French by the person who. tl;dr: you have gone insane from virtue-signalling if you somehow convinced yourself that you don't want to be in a relationship with the kind of legit psycho who will kill your dog if she thinks you love it too much. JFL [Kekfuel] IncelTears falsely claims St. 230 with a friend earlier today and coincidentally stumbled upon this drama in 2019 where SCOTUS denied cert in one of Goldberg's cases. Imagine if Jesus was spotted fucking hookers in the middle of Bahamas, when he supposedly died on the cross. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye Uploaded by BringBackPomf + Add a Comment. No one knows much about him, but many incels call him "their God" because they think he epitomises them and their ugliness. digitaldigitalartdigitalartworkdigitalcoloringdigitaldrawingdigitalillustration . OK you were born ugly but you can still improve your situation by going to the gym in getting a job for god's sakes these manchildren do not even wanna put in the basics for becoming a man. Take a long walk off a short pier, buster. Blackops2cel is a chad (According to IT whore). And his acolytes revere him as such. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. They decided to forgive anyone who is willing to confess their sin(s) and asked me to enable anonymous votes. It's full of imperfection and asymmetry I'm almost sure I'm around blackops2cel tier. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye: Image Gallery (List View) | Know Your …. I am set apart with the dead, like the slain who lie in the …. Incels should consider joining the Unification Church, then they'd all be guaranteed a wife, judging by the mass marriages Sun Myung Moon performed. Bubbleman said: They are literally implying that women have blood on their hands for "denying him love and affection," or, in other words, denying his penis access to their vaginas. A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of public figure Mersh. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye' images on Know Your Meme!. He is usually good looking, muscular, tall, and wealthy, or has otherwise high status and tends be a fast life history strategist. Blackops2cel, thou art my shepard. A beautifully hand drawn PNJ of our lord and savior, Saint BlackOps2Cel. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - Goatee and Squint Maxxing. This philosophy pushes people (especially young ones) to find themselves in the world and achieve fulfillment through 'spiritual work'. Okay, this guy must be taking the piss. JFL St Blackops2cel is attractive according to IT JFL! Thread starter Deleted member 31869; Start date Jun 19, 2021; Deleted member 31869 Just pass me the rope-Joined. An analogy many incels often find elucidating …. But I also hate the west with it's radical feminism and how beta white knights run everything. All these virtue signaling white whores you see on social media and/or protesting "Black Lives Matter", give ZERO SHITS about blackcels. He still has a weak jaw, but it looks way better now. Wordcel is a slang term derived from incel used to define someone who has high verbal intelligence and is "good with words" but feels inadequately compensated for their skill, the "cel" suffix denoting frustration over being denied something they feel they deserve. Japanese Family McDonald's Ad: Yandere Simulator: Hidden Words In AI Art: Adidas Sports Bra Medium Support:. Unironically mogs me kek Click to expand Tbh his life probably is the same, he is not even famous in other places, just in reddit and. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery , 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to …. Many females would rather be single than marry an incel, and a result the incels become a class which doesn't even get marriage, much less any additional bribes. is blackops2cel still an incel?. LDAR is an acronym that stands for lay down and rot (or 'lie" down in case of an imperative). 2% Total voters 38; tehgymcel420. In most relationships, the man typically looks worse. The girl he got was a very cute angelic looking 11 year old virgin. Have we forgot the face of our Father? His grand visage was the only reason I didn't kms last October. Holy Based, Saint Elliot is watching down on us but he is also right there on my back, and here in my heart!! He lives on as a part of me! If you're gonna kill, kill to the heavens. " Of course she does, they all have wonderful tall bf's. Jun 28, 2019 #13 "I would date him. Basically if at an art course the teacher would ask to draw a human being and someone would draw Henry Cavill he would get an A. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye: Image Gallery (List View) | Know Your Meme 🥇 See Who Won The KYM Poll For Meme Of The Month! 🥇. I can speak for myself because I am one. [1] Another version of the expression is " …. I'm pretty sure those 'currycels' have been mocked by white or NRI (Non-Resident Indian, from the point of view of India) staceys and therefor imagine their race is the …. Do you believe Blackops2cel is the son of god?. BlackOps2cel is very irritating OP Deleted member 7125; Start date Sep 3, 2020; D. In Incel Culture he is seen as a mascot, a saint, and has been involved in a series of image … See more. BlackOps2Cel' images on Know Your Meme! After A Topless Photos Of Her Underage Daughter Appeared On Her Twitter Account, Police Being Investigation Into Kellyanne Conway. A Few Millimeters of Bone is a catchphrase and image macro used within the involuntary celibacy (incel) community, indicating the slight genetic difference between Chads (sexual active males) and non-Chads (incels), specifically squared jaws and protruding brows. " Deleted member 9229 SandNigga-Joined Jun 15, 2018 Posts 5,815. A numale or nu-male is "an internet slang term referring to men and boys who do not conform to traditional masculine gender roles. Amen, Amen, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen; but you do not receive our testimony. lol, the chance of blackops2cel being in a relationship or not a virgin is the same chance of pigs flying 7339er said: I hope St. BlackOps2Cel' images on Know Your Meme! Steve Rogers's Knowledge of the Future Is a Burden and a Blessing. That removes the concern of being jumped by a pimp AND the concern of being arrested, it relatively removes the worry of STDs (since the women there are tested regularly), and hey, you can have a little vacation in Vegas, even if you go for like, just a weekend. The related term Shape Rotator, sometimes …. This because Looks are subjetive and a social construct while height is something absolute. I am only 5'7 but I believe you still can be incel if you're tall. In school I had a friend who was an absolute trucel, he was 5'5, 2/10 face, soyboy voice, looked like he could be a poster boy for incels like blackops2cel is. The fact of the matter is, if you are attractive, you can literally be scum of the earth and have the most vile. Yeah, he was on SlutHate back in the day and received some brief attention from the farms. Looks should be wiped out from canon. Hypergamy – A term used to describe the act of females having sex with males of. Women like this don't exist because like being treated like a human being. It is the successor of Wizardchan. ” Blackops2cel answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall. I am looking for two users active in the West Coast, Oceania, and East Asia timezones that are consistently active during some of the hours of 9pm to 9am GMT. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8. Oh Blackops2cel, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you. SuicideFuel I think even TW agrees that if you are ugly as fuck (raterater/blackops2cel) or sub 5'3'' it's ovER even if you have money Thread starter mistersinister Start date Sep 8, 2022. You'll see this pretty clearly in regards to advice or self-help; whenever someone tries to help them, they scream and REEEEEE about how all advice is useless because literally all women are vapid and …. Learn wireless, network security, switching, troubleshooting, routing and more. In their mind, these simple women should be fucking drenching their panties because this Supreme Gentleman approaches them, and speaking to them like an aristocrat from the 1600's. WHO HAS MORE SMV IN THE WEST? currycel: 5'7 blackops2cel: 6'2-6'3. Blackops2cel hasn't actually joined us, I don't consider him a saint. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye">13 Reasons Why. Serious Do you believe Blackops2cel is the son of god? Thread starter tehgymcel420; Start date Sep 6, 2022; Is Blackops2cel the son of god? Yes Votes: 25 65. Stacy/Stacie: A hot, popular woman. I first noticed him when his real-life antics resulted …. [1] Another version of the expression is " foid ", a. There's NO WAY this guy will live an decent life. The best is how the virgin gets an Iced Tea instead of a coke to prevent loud belching during the movie. It's easy for a girl to get a boyfriend it takes no effort at all. Black pill may refer to: Blackpill, a suburban area of Swansea, Wales; The black pill ideology, a fatalist set of beliefs related to the incel ideology. from a meth addict to a tryhard normie, shitty. Are you lonely and wish you had someone in your life?. They refuse to settle for who is attracted to them and they refuse to better their appearance. Incels infested the mainstream public discourse recently after it was discovered Alek Misassian’s terrorist attack in Toronto was possibly motivated by his being being an incel. Inceldom's courageous stand against an overwhelming force of cuckold and femoid divisions intent on repressing or destroying the black pill and its ardent de. He's technically half-curry (and gymcel) but still. There are average looking guys girls go gaga over because of their blue eyes. Wordcel / Shape Rotator / Mathcel. gg/plutonium you dont get single player tho. Sep 2, 2020 #1 On his incel wiki page it says that metadata from his original photo shows he used an …. Can you guys add some names to this list that I’m missing. The incels thus attain class consciousness. They pretty much feed people this: "If you're sub 5, it's over bro". The animal equivalent of Blackops2cel is the Blue. Blackops2cel is the mascot of incels because he is white even. A dark stain on our legacy He will be remembered, but no one must speak his name. blackops2cel tbh, someone should put a halo on top of his head. Also, some other mods will be added to simulate ASD and its consequences on social interactions. We have Saints Hamudi and BlackOps2cel but Chads also have …. BlackOps2cel, the “patron saint” of incel culture. Joelossus high T af, and a psychopath-Joined Mar 25, 2019 Posts 10,727. this is BO2cel after normie advice. However Blackops2cel is from Belgium or at least lives there accordin to …. Some random eastern European guy that posted a picture to show off his black ops 2 shirt gets adopted as the mascot of incels just because he's ugly as fuck. ER – Elliot Rodger – The 22-year old mass shooting perpetrator and author of the incel manifesto revered as a martyr on Incel forums. There was another shooting that took place on Valentine's Day exactly a decade ago and the shooter of that shooting didn't do it for incel reasons. Blackops2cel surgerymaxxed and ascended. Blackops2cel Tinder Experiment in Asia (SHOCKING RESULTS!)">Blackops2cel Tinder Experiment in Asia (SHOCKING RESULTS!). Behold, your new saint: the curry version …. Hamudi is the one who brought knowledge of the blackpill written on stone tablets he got from Mt. The things we would literally die without. Women actually hate ugly men despite what they say. IT would never report something. You have to stretch your dick five times a day. The total fertility rate (TFR) in Poland is one of the lowest among all the countries in the world –. "Black Lives Matter" = TYRONE LIVES MATTER and Black Incel lives DON'T MATTER. BlackOps2cel, the ‘Patron Saint’ of Incel. BlackOps2cel, the ‘Patron Saint’ of Incel Culture | by John McDermott | MEL Magazine | Medium. Komesarj Leaves the Incel Community refers to the reactions and backlash after Komesarj, a moderator for incels. Not the ugliest, but exactly at the point where he's as ugly as …. Closest I can think of is Louis C. Welcome to your free CompTIA Network+ study guide. Ryo_Hazuki said: The whole Bosnian theory was always based on weak evidence at best. The biggest racepill ever was when the NEET Supremacy channel did a Tinder experiment where he set his location to Kenya and SEA with his photo and he got tens of matches. Looks are everything and Femoids standards rise every year. Reminder that the most famous incels (Blackops2cel, Onecooldude and Eggman (before he fucked a tranny)) were all white. He may be a tallfag but in terms of his face, skull and neck, he definitely is ugly. If George Floyd was a manlet virgin autist like me. 17 y/o the first one was a girl i had a crush on and she friendzoned me,so i started getting bitter towards her and lowkey making fun of her for her manly attitude,she cried when i called her a slut (for her mini skirt)(she wasn't though) and was kicked out of school for this. His real name appears to be unknown, but to incels, he's St. Btw I remember reading in 2017 that Blackops2cel was a Bosnian (or Serbian, can't remember now) gamer who really liked Black Ops 2 and shared a photo of his new shirt on a Balkan forum or image board, then everyone started roasting him and the meme began. May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry. Feb 13, 2020 #1 They make up shit to cope with the blackpill that's orbiting around their heads but is still …. For males who are on the inceldom spectrum, this occurs because they feel their socioeconomic or physiological traits are …. I walk around campus and see all the white people who mog me, I go to the gym and see all the females I'll never fuck, I go to my classes and see all the ambitious career driven students I'm supposed to be competing with. Joined Feb 27, 2020 Posts 5,315 Reputation 6,270. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye Uploaded by Smol Nozomi St. And Chads who become gigachads because they have blue eyes. I'm modding my game in order to avoid that. However, he has not been in communication with the originator of Venne’s bloodline. Theory Blackops2cel surgerymaxxed and ascended. Bruh @5'7 zoomer @poopoohead @It'snotover @BoredPrince . For the longest time his identity as well as the origin of the selfie were unknown, until two days ago an up to date image surfaced on 4chan and was posted to r/braincels. The consoomer may display brand-loyalty along with emotional attachment to consumer products. Most incels are that way for reasons beyond their control. So according to this meme this what an average "roastie" wants. BlackOps2Cel; Start date Aug 16, 2020 Aug 16, 2020. For males who are on the inceldom spectrum, this occurs because they feel their socioeconomic or physiological traits are. Following Komesarj's announcement, Twitter user @lameypilled shared several screenshots of users, assumedly incels, criticizing …. BlackOps2Cel This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Robotsul • Additional comment actions. BlackOps2Cel" by Femcel as a Greeting Card. He is a really awesome dude, someone who uglycels …. In that picture he's 100% a 4 (thin jawline and not obese at least). If you're defective, your thoughts, words etc are defective and must be wrong. Blackops2cel was crafted in the name of Incelia, he is a Prophet and a Saint as he has the ability to make anyone next to him look better and he spoken to the original ancestor of Venne1138. You understand nothing because yout live with your head under a rock. People’s value is not based on how many sexual partners they’ve had. BlackOps2cel has evolved into Hunter Eyed Chad! harriweener • 4 yr. Search for Stranger Things fan art. He roasted every one, including himself: Here he completely obliterates black bitches. I said no matter how much ı try foid will either share a chad (I legit had a proof of women doing it) instead of dating with me or just marry me out of economical desperation in their 30's. His real name appears to be unknown, but to incels, he’s St. The comments just prove that the average 'incel'on here is just a failed normie. IncelTear is a subreddit for posting screenshots of hateful, misogynist, racist…. Next level cringe : r/IncelTear. Weirdcel Banned-Joined Jan 29, 2018 Posts 8,502. It's because when you are one of those (short or ugly), your life becomes heavily focused on that one feature so your opinion is. Femoid is a derogatory term used in the incel community to refer to a woman. An incels idea of a woman is a new mom who fucks them. I've long figured that part out; they're media victims. -Joined Nov 7, 2017 Posts 16,932. Imagine using a made up story to back up your point : …. A Chad is a man who can elicit near-universal positive female sexual attention at will. A roastie /I-love-to-travel crossover meme. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Just get a haircut, beard and neck. is the biker steriod guy on discord. I translated the comments and one foid even admitted that she would rather lick her dog than kiss our holy patron. Growing up on a steady diet of John Hughes style shit and extremely inaccurate information from pop culture on what relationships do and don't do has fucked them up beyond all repair, and I say that because of their constant rejection of what is a really simple (though not easy, there's a difference) …. blackops2cel6136 subscribersNo videos. It's a title that was given to him by incels. He deleted his facebook after it was found but the only pictures on that was of him with cars and a lot of pictures of an anime foid (Lighting from final fantasy I think), he …. Someone send him the Lord of the Rings videos he's in. The only guys that were incels were the autistic white boys that would say the n-word with the heavy "ER", that would openly admit to jerking off to furries, were hardcore conservative, and would make 9/11 jokes in the …. Often times, the phrase is accompanied by two pictures, a picture of an incel and. The blue pill generally refers to the denial of uncomfortable truths, the red pill refers to the revelation of an uncomfortable truth (as an analogy to the film The Matrix), and the black pill refers to uncomfortable truths. Animas said: yeah now that I see this picture and know he's 6'2 i dont really feel like he would feel bad i mean he mogs a lot of ppl w that height and the beardfrauding. When I read your comment and looked at him like he is probably just a normal guy I found him also totally normal looking. people don't hate incels because they're sad virgins, they hate them for being whiney and dishonest shitheads. BlackOps2cel is very irritating. Joined May 19, 2020 Posts 9,094 Reputation 14,036. Here you can see the best and most interesting volleyball videos, highlights, actions and much more. Personally, I believe that, even if ER's Day Of Retribution is a complete and utter failure, he is still the person, who resisted the normie way of life, who didn't want to live under chads and foids, so he sacrifised his. My face is so trashy even the truest of cels can mog. what's true for 99% of males (money matters) does not apply to sinister/raterater, blackops2cel, onecooldude123, cyraxx, mr sam, nevergiveup, sunlitstream264, hp lovecraft, eggman and sub 5'3'' male and possibly geneticabomination because they are too ugly to even be a betabuxx. For some reason, he's never been banned, and serves as the main reason to use the Islamic Content rating on this forum. We live in a patriarchal society so being male is considered the default. When you die you get to meet St. The only difference is that he was a manlet he was shorter than me. Out of respect for our new saint, I will not disclose his personal information. Women have been swimming in Chad's cum since they were 14. In American society, men's value is based of how "macho" they are. Since he's a truecel I doubt he ascended between 2014 and 2018. Amazing Technicolor Population: Most of the people in this world have a teal blue skin color. You have undeniable privileges when born male and the incels are so pathetic they can't even make their easy starting point work for them. I'm digressing from the discussion of incels for a bit but I was talking about s. Cope or rope is a dilemma for many incels who, having taken the blackpill, no longer have the option to hope. Most of the guys at my high school who got a lot of pussy were 4s or 5s. Depends on the country, if it was a country that was involved in WW2 that had a lot of men die off in the war, then probably most could yes. But blackops2cel is chad Click to expand And jsanza is a 6/10. As an humble emissary, i reported to them that this forum was turning evil. The blackops2cel memes are seriously lacking these days. Extremely unlikely; Blackops2cel is known to be from the former Yugoslavia, and no eastern bloc country ever approved the distribution of thalidomide within its borders. Nikalas said: He is moneymaxxing and disabled. He gave his ultimate prophet Hamudi the tablets of the law in which there were the Ten Incel Commandments, which contain the ancient knowledge that our saints had gained through hard times to give it. I censored his last name so cucktears users reading this thread dont doxx him. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye' image gallery and vote for your favorite!. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye">Just get a haircut bro. Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over. OP Deleted member 3832; Start date Apr 17, 2020 Apr 17, 2020. When we were both 15 years old, one day I found out he had a gf. Serious Interview with Lucas Bussière aka Saint BlackOps2Cel Thread starter AsakuraHao; Start date Apr 25, 2023; AsakuraHao Admiral. If you're a 6 feet + curry in the western world you're still fucked. JFL We have Saints Hamudi and BlackOps2cel but Chads also have their saint. ( EYE AREA MOF BATTLE ) Vinnie Hacker Vs Blackops2Cel. Oh Saint Blackops2cel, thou art my shepard. Is it the greasy hair? Or the soul-less stare that he has? I'm guessing it's the hair. ; Ambiguously Human: Aside from the teal skin of most people, Katz and Uno stick out for their odd shapes. parts of the blackpill community, such characteristics are assumed to be primarily extreme ugliness, disfigurement and high …. I've been seeing ITcels say these things ever since their og sub, seen it dozens of times, but not a single time. "but-but, looks are subjective!!" Personally, I'd give him either a 4 or 5. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye' video gallery and vote for your favorite!. People worshipped blackops2cel because he was white. St Blackops2cel: Random guy from gaming forum who has become a sort of god to them because he's gawky looking. I completely agree with this actually. What kind of brain deformity would be needed to find blackops2cel. The most common bluepilled argument is that women want nice guys with a good, confident personality. Steam Community :: :: BlackOps2Cel. Once again yet another wall of text of why Western Culture is evil because incels can't get laid. I am counted among those who go down to the pit; I am like one without strength. Blackops2cel brutal picture comments. What do you guys think? Obviously it's just fantasy but I like adding some layer of realness just to make it seem at least hypothetically possible. Dec 19, 2017 #6 So he " proved" nothing basically. Saint BlackOps2cel s'il te plait. Buy "Saint BlackOps2Cel" by LottaAvacada as a Essential T-Shirt. Also is obsessed with fat women. Baracka will burn away all of our oppressors and cleanse this world in hellfire. Sep 5, 2021 #2 no There's a reason why he's a saint. I hate the middle east and it's crazy Muslims and shitty living standards. The fact that "cope" and "rope" rhyme has allowed them to be used in songs, e. Heightpill should be the only canon pill. They are judging him only on his looks. It is used by male members of the incelosphere in an attempt to help normies, Stacies and Chads visualize that perpetual nonredamancy isn't just some fantasy that truecels, nearcels and inceldom -experiencers daydreamed about. He is a really awesome dude, someone who uglycels and trucels like to identify with. It's mental illness at this point. We cover most of the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 syllabus here but it's from a previous version of the exam so you will need to supplement your learning with some further research or take our video and lab based. It also has a gigachad and foid adding 1+1 together, saying how they're so smart, but as soon as blackops2cel does it the numale says it's false. Click to expand ama print that shit. The first tier is physiological needs, like water, food and shelter. Just your everyday smooth, comfy tee, a wardrobe staple; Slim fit, so size up if you prefer a looser fit, or check out the Classic T-Shirt. After the doomy "the Agepill" the new crushing experience of being deemed uglier than st. Since numerous mass murderers have come from incel forums, you could attribute the human. "Involuntary Celibacy", often shortened as Incel, is a concept of internet humor typically iterated in image macros poking fun at male-oriented hobbies that may be deemed unattractive by the other sex, such as LARPing, cosplaying and video game collecting among others. Incels all over the world declared him as the "Incel Prophet". BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - Ferrari Maxxing. Learn how to improve your appearance, boost your confidence, and enhance your overall self-image. Privacy policy; About Incel Wiki; Disclaimers; Mobile view. I think there's a fair chance that he is dead. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. I explained things to clear up some of the humbug here. Blackops2cel, ikona incelaFoto:Imgur. High quality Blackops2cel-inspired gifts and merchandise. You're incel because of your low IQ. This page was last edited on 16 November 2019, at 15:22. Watch the latest videos about #blackops2cel on TikTok. Dantino has been shitting up the internet (NSFW) looking for reassurance from others that he is attractive for years, and his face became so recognizable that other incels compared him to Elliot Rodger. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye Uploaded by BringBackPomf St. LOL, that's a lot more than "a few millimetres. And typical for a Supreme Gentleman on this sub it once again goes into a massive racist, and sexist rant. The Consoomer is a meme that is meant to mock the current state of individuals in our society. Also, obviously have never tried slaying in East Africa like "BlackOps2cel. returns to cleanse the shitty Braincels mod team (Circa. Online, the term is often used as a pejorative in a similar fashion to " beta male ," "cuck" or "soy boy", but is typically reserved for white men with facial hair and eyeglasses. Waco Zigger (but secretly Nigger)-Joined Aug 17, 2022 Posts 7,598. Hall of fame, featuring St Blackops2cel, Nikolas Cruz, and Elliot Rodger. The Perverted Summoner + Add a Comment. Anyway, the sainthood is mostly a joke in the first place. , but that is because he is a fucking weirdo cuck that would rather masturbate to women instead of fucking them. Color Pills [edit | edit source] Primary Colors [edit | edit source]. ( the easiest option) the-lone-squid white piled • 3 yr. Imagine Blackops2cel with blue eyes, wouldn't change anything. 131K subscribers in the IncelTear community. And if he doesn't mog you, just leave this forum, fakecel. BlackOps2cel, the ‘Patron Saint’ of Incel ">The Book of St. View attachment 253280 View attachment 253281 View attachment 253282 @Incellectual @VictoryOrDeath @Daydreamincel The response you are quoting and agreeing with, is an obvious indicator of a troll, they love to play games where they hint at something because they get a sadistic thrill out of it, merely larping is not enough for …. If BlackOps2cel had a good face symmetry. The brutal part about incels is that factually, they get a lot of things right. He deleted his facebook after it was found but the only pictures on that was of him with cars and a lot of pictures of an anime foid (Lighting from final fantasy I think), he had also put his picture on a facebook dating thing but the foids all called him ugly and one said how they would rather a dog lick her vagina than him. Says he doesn't really want to be associated with Intel culture. Poland has a very low fertility rate, lower than the majority of European countries. I am hoping to have consistent 24/7 moderator coverage in preparation. Blackops2cel? Thread starter tehgymcel420; Start date Jan 13, 2023; tehgymcel420 Fesikhcel. Incel is an academic sociological term that is short for involuntary celibate or involuntary celibacy (also called "inceldom"), an adverse life circumstance. Click to expand Eye colour is a part of being good looking. If you're depressed, the worst thing you should do is hang around other people who feel depressed and drag you down. I love to travel is a meme in the incelosphere about Beckys traveling the world, usually under the pretense of gaining "new experiences" and finding their "soulmate". Sep 27, 2021 #13 Just another day on normies. All tests are available online for free (no registration / email required). I remember reading from the Gospel of St BlackOps2cel: "And Jesus said 'Lo, fellow truecels. For all we know, he might not even be an incel. I had previously made an account with looksmaxed male blackops and got 1 like in weeks. But he has ZERO facial symmetry whatsoever, which is why every …. How attractive is blackops2cel : r/AllPillDebate. zraardvark Greycel ★ Joined Nov 28, 2017 Posts 10. And yes, he mogs me to oblivion. The image on the right illustrates how whereas women are keen to act the orbiting role around the Chad, in contrast, a Melvin, who is the archetype of a male low-tier normie, on the other hand does the orbiting around women. Chadfishing is a form catfishing in which men within the incel community created a fake dating application profile by posing as a …. #CapCut Cod Mobile vs Black ops #. Banish any and all mention of 'BlackOps2cel" from incel community, this is indeed a dark day. Many of the couples don't even speak this same language, but this is unnecessary. BlackOps2Cel has a girlfriend? Thread starter ldargoblin; Start date Jun 19, 2021; ldargoblin Slobcel ★★★★★ Joined Nov 1, 2018 Posts 5,877. There are no online records of him saying anything about us on any social media. Brutal (Midjourney AI Art) Saint Blackops2cel before His martyrdom operation, circa 2017. They're taking their fear of aging and death and projecting incredibly weeeeeird shit on strangers. /r/IncelTears says BlackOps2cel is not ugly Thread starter iiiTeMpeR; Start date Jan 7, 2018; I. BlackOps2cel , one must first grasp the unique victim complex. Life on tutorial mode is a meme concerning how easy it is for women to find a partner in the dating scene. An analogy many incels often find elucidating would be comparing the state of lifelong inceldom to other common adverse life circumstances, such as poverty. Incel: An Introduction to Incel Ideology and Its Impact on Mental …. 2,625 views (24 from today) Uploaded Feb 17, 2021 at 10:46AM EST. He hasn't been back on facebook ever since he got doxed. Comme quoi, la beubar, ça change la personne. The most likely reason? They're ugly as shit, too, and refuse to accept it. Blackops2cel came out and said he doesn't want to be associated with incels. try plutonium, its a free community made launcher, you get bo2 mp with mods and zombies with mods. Oh and the object of Gary, the white knight kid's desire, is the same actress from Amityville II who has sex with her possessed brother to "make God angry". Usually, the products they consume end up …. Nov 4, 2022 #25 someone please doxx him i need to know what he's up to now. Search titles only By: Search Advanced search…. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - Morgan searches for love in Asia Like us on Facebook! Like 1. Ryo, just fly out to knajjd and fuck him already. Ryo Hazuki said: You know you're TRULY super low T with god trap potential when you use faceapp to make your face female and it literally KEEPS YOUR FACIAL FEATURES EXACTLY THE SAME and just adds longer hair and lipstick. French woman says she'd rather lick her dog than kissing The. Deleted member 3725 Banned-Joined Feb 17, 2018 Posts 842. Incels took that picture, gave him the title BlackOps2Cel and made him a "Saint" in their community. Joined Aug 12, 2018 Posts 86 Reputation 88. Explore "Blackops2cel" posts on Pholder | See more posts about Braincels, Incels and Incel Tears. He granted our brother Elliot 72 prime virgins for slaying the disbelievers. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. Cho Elliot rodger Hamudi Inceltv George Sodini Heed and succeed Those are the ones I’m familiar with. We need to bring this nigga into this forum and blackpill him. /r/IncelTears says BlackOps2cel is not ugly. I wonder how they would react to a female going into the forum and saying "I'll fuck any of you who live within x mile radius of 'location'. The following is a poem by incels. The narcissism on display really is astounding. Deleted member 35492 Self-banned-Joined Jul 11, 2021 Posts 717. The blue pill generally refers to the denial of uncomfortable truths, the red pill refers to the revelation of an uncomfortable truth (as an analogy to the film The Matrix), and the black …. Blackops2Cel is a traitor to incels : r/IncelTears">Apparently, Blackops2Cel is a traitor to incels : r/IncelTears. Backtoschoolcel, aka Back2schoolcel or St. for incels: What would blackops2cel have to do in ">Advice for incels: What would blackops2cel have to do in. Ethnic tax can also be slightly reduced by dating members of the same race or lower SMV female groups, but this might only give a 10-20 percent boost at max, this is mostly my …. lol, the chance of blackops2cel being in a relationship or not a virgin is the same chance of pigs flying. These same Asian girls would reject yellowops2cel without a second thought. Women only want them for their money/fame. Free practice tests based on the current A+ exam domains published by CompTIA. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery , 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Wizardchan was a website created by someone named "Mr. RageFuel TikTok thot desecrates St. You've gone on and on about how you're ugly and can't get laid but you supposedly don't blame women for that. The whole point of Shrek is that it's a subversion of Disney fairytale tropes. May 8, 2023 #1 EnglishCel Countryside's The Best Cope. He's 21 years old, unemployed, and living with his mom (who probably gives him an allowance so he can buy big bags of McDick's, and pays for that car he's in, and the insurance, as well as all his other expenses), and thinks that incels are meant to live more "sophisticated" lives, and are "the chosen ones" meant to rule?. So far as I can tell, they don't think there is such a thing as being good in bed. The next is safety and security, or how we avoid threats. he does get more matches then me in sea though. 9 mai 2022 à 17:58:27 Un pur chad. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - White-maxxing Like us on Facebook! Like 1. Apr 10, 2018 #14 damn, he looks weird as hell. Last week ı was at the park with my friend and we were talking about foids. Blackops2cel has a girlfriend Thread starter Deleted member 33560; Start date Jun 20, 2021; Deleted member 33560 The Shitting Overlord-Joined Mar 11, 2021 Posts 3,329. Roasties are not to be trusted for it is harder for a roastie to get into the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for an incel to ever experience consensual sexual relations. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye - Azn Waifu Maxxing Like us on Facebook! Like 1. Asian femoids are mad for the white cock, it's not just a meme. Incels deserve sympathy, not bullying. He became an incel meme due to the fact that although he has an attractive face, money, and status, his short height makes him incel. Not the ugliest, but exactly at the point where he's as ugly as possible without having a clear deformity (like a huge tumor or something). Since Morgan AKA BlackOps2 has turned his back on us, I, once again, propose this fellow curry be our new saint. He keep insisting on that ı should stemmaxx and said foids love rich stable man. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. The other problem is so many of what incels put out there looks like a shitpost ( and sometimes is) but they take it very seriously. also he planned (the, you know, the thing) better so he ceased the existance of 33 as opposed to a mere 7 lives. Especially the one-eyed Uno, who wouldn't look out of place among the monsters he helps make. is (Previously known as /r/incels) - Subreddit's banned, entitled Manchildren whine about why they can't get laid. A dark stain on our legacy He will be remembered, but no one must …. 3,376 views (11 from today) Uploaded Feb 17, 2021 at 10:31AM EST. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. alcoholcel; Aug 9, 2023; Inceldom Discussion; Replies 12 Views 441. Instead, they shitpout because Stacy and her hot friends don't want them. blackops2cel , o herói dos incels. If anyone has any idea how tall those poles, Idek what you'd call them, tend to be, there's the closest you can get to. Blackops2cel roped, but then he rose again after 3 days. Are you lonely and wish you had someone in your life? You're not alone! Join our forum and talk to people just like you. The 5 foot 2 balding Indian janitor is a visualization technique meant to simplify envisaging a truecel. And one of incels’ most indelible and essential memes is the portrait photo of St. Komesarj Leaves the Incel Community. Halloween featuring blackops2cel. Would you follow an incel religion?. JFL Redditcuck: "I wanna learn hacking just to track these people down and destroy them. That's because truecels and uglycels feel that St. Ugly or not, he still went muff diving. Today i discovered for the first time the picture of our holy St.